Evolution of technology

  • First successful flying model propelled by an internal combustion engine

    In 1901 Samuel Pierpont Langley built a gasoline powered version of his tandem winged Aerodromes .This was the first successful flying model to start by an internal combustion engine.
  • the 1903 Wright Flyer

    the 1903 Wright Flyer
    In 1903 two brothers from Dayton , Ohio Wilbur and Orville Wright completed 4 flights with a powered, controlled airplane in Kill Devil Hills. Wilbur covered 852 feet over the ground in 59 seconds.
  • a fixed boundary layer

    Professor Ludwig Prandtl presented one of the most important papers in aerodynamic history. It was an eight page document describing a fixed boundary layer. The molecular layer of air on the surface of an aircraft wing. Over the next 20 years Prandtl and his graduate students pioneer theoretical aerodynamics.
  • Dramatic improvements

    During World War I the requirements of higher speed & higher altitude drove to dramatic improvements in aerodynamics and control and propulsion system design.
  • first solo

    first solo
    Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo flight nonstop from New York to Paris, France.
  • flight offered

    flight offered
    Flights were offered in the first commercial jet airliner the de Havilland DH 106 Comet.
  • first civilian airplane

    first civilian airplane
    In the 1970s Aérospatiale and the British Aircraft Corporation united to develop the Concorde .This was the the first and only supersonic civilian aircraft.
  • space

    In the 1980s The first reusable spacecraft Space Shuttle was launched.