Evolution of instant messaging

  • CTSS y Multics

    CTSS y Multics
    Instant messages in multi-user systems like CTSS and Multics
  • CB Simulador

    CB Simulador
    CB Simulator is the first online chat service used in a massive way.
  • Internet Relax Chat

    Internet Relax Chat
    Suge Internet Relax Chat (IRC). Group talks, private messages and file exchange.
  • AOL introduces AIM

    AOL introduces AIM
    AOL introduces AIM. Real-time texts, chat rooms and file transfer
  • MSN

    Microssoft launches MSN Messenger. The conversation window with the contact list is customized.
  • Skype

    Skype begins its ascent (created in 2003). Years later it is very popular.
  • Google talk

    Google talk
    Google launches Google Talk with information exchange that can be used.
  • Twitter

    The social network Twitter is created that transmits or exchanges short messages live.
  • Facebook

    Facebook (social network created in 2004) presents its integrated chat. In 2011, it launched an application for iOS and Android.
  • Whats App

    Whats App
    2 former Yahoo employees founded Whats App, the most important mobile instant messenger in 2011.