Evolution of Computers

  • Remote Control (television)

    Remote Control (television)
    Was developed by Zenith Rado Corporation. It was connected to the television by a wire.
  • Period: to

    Evolution of Computers


    UNIVAC was invented by John Presper Ecker and John W. Mauchly. First commercial computer and also determined presidential winners.
  • Cold War

    During the 1960's we were involved in the Cold war against the USSR and attempting to put a stop to communism.
  • LINC

    The LINC or Laboratory Intrumentation Computer was created. It was mostly used for things like biomedical engineering and laboratories. Was designed by Wesley Clark.
  • IBM System/360

    IBM System/360
    IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) came up with a computer system that was able to work together to process information. The company made a transition from discrete transistors to integrated circuits.
  • Civil Rights

    The segregation laws were broken by the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. Signed by Lyndon Baines Johnson. Important people that were involved includes Malcolm X and MLK.
  • Apollo Guidance Computer & DSKY

    Apollo Guidance Computer & DSKY
    Used to be launched into outer space with the Apollo 7 and a year later Apollo 11. Commands were punched in numerically.
  • TV typewriter

    TV typewriter
    Allowed users to type on their TV screens. Limited typing, but served it's purpose.
  • Apple I

    Apple I
    Steve Wozniak designed the first Apple computer in 1976. (Steve Jobs' idea to put the item on the market)
  • Commodore PET

    Commodore PET
    The Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transacter) was the first PC (Personal Computer)
  • Portable Computer

    Portable Computer
    Also known as a laptop, Adam Osbourne created the first Portable Computer.
  • Macintosh

    Apple introduces the first Macintosh computer in 1984. It is the first computer to have a mouse -driven system.
  • New Territory

    The U.S.Virgin Islands become a territory of the U.S.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    The World Wide Web Project was introduced.
  • SMS Text Messaging

    SMS Text Messaging
    First exchange between two networks was a man to another reading, "Merry Christmas."
  • HIV protease inhibitor invented. (My year of birth)

  • O.J. Simpson

    O.J. Simpson was tried and aquitted for the murder of his wife.
  • Palm Pilot

    Palm Pilot
    Produced by Palm Inc. the PalmPilot was one of the first "planners" equipped with a caldendar, address book, to-do list and memo pad.
  • 9/11

    A terrorist attack from Al Qaeda against the USA.
  • iPod

    The first version of the iPod was created in 2001 by Apple. It is used for Data Storage Devices. (i.e. Media and games) Newer versions vary from the iPod shuffle in 2001 to the iPad in 2011.
  • YouTube

    Founders, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, youtube is a video database used for uploading and sharing media. It is know known as the worlds second largest search engine.
  • Digital Video Recorder

    Digital Video Recorder
    Digital Video Recorder (aka DVR) was invented to record life Television, pause and fast forward or rewind.
  • NOOK color

    NOOK color
    Barnes and Noble came out with a device that provides readers with 8GB of memory. Can accept audio, e-books (electronic books), applications that are approved through Barnes and Noble, and has internet. (Wi-Fi)
  • In the Next 50 years.

    I do not assume that we will end up like the Jetsons. When my mother was a little girl she believed that we would be at that point here in this day and time. Although that this is false now, it is easy to assume that especially now that technology is improving rapidly. I will assume that hopefully over the next 50 years cars will improve technilogically as well as houses. Maybe this will help make everything safer.