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    Evolution Events

  • Earthquake in Naples; eruption of Vesuis

  • First Public School

    Puritans in Massachusats found the first "free grammar school" specifically to teach religion.
  • Zoonomia

    Charles Darwin's grandfather asks "Would it be too bold to imagine...that all warm-blooded animals have arisen from one common filament?" This helps evolution, then called transmutation, become widely discussed in the scientific community.
  • Slavery abolished in French colonies

  • Darwin is born

    Charles Darwin is born into a family of "freethinkers", but he is born in a very conservative world. Britain is extremely against evolution because evolution is seen as a radical French idea.
  • Gauss establishes mathmatical geometry

  • Cuvier

    French naturalist Georges Cuvier tries to explain newly unearthed fossils. He argues that great catastrophes wiped out ancient life in the distant past. However, Cuvier is against evolution.
  • Partial autonomy granted to Serbs by Turkey

  • Darwin starts secret notebooks

  • First Canadian railroad

  • Lord Kelvin calculates the age of Earth

    Lord Kelvin calculates the age of Earth
  • British parliament repeals the corn law

  • Was Neanderthal Man a son of Adam?

  • Neanderthal skull found in Germany

  • Darwin's foes protest ape-man connection

  • Lenoir builds the first practical internal combustion engine

  • Darwin buried in Westminster Abbey

  • R.L. Stevenson "Treasure Island"

  • Mendel's laws of heredity rediscovered

  • First test flight of Zepplin