• Carolus Linnaeus

    Swedish physician & botanist whose passion was taxonomy
    developed a hierarchical classification system.
  • James Hutton

    Scottish geologist who offered an alternative to catasttrophism
    proposed the earth was a few thousand years old
  • Jean Baptiste Lamarck

    Invertabrate curator of the natural history museum in paris
    one of the 18th & 19th centuries biologists who hypothesized that triats of species are not immutable, they evolve!
  • Georges Cuvier

    French anatomist who largerly developed paleontology, the study of fossils
    deeper strata contain older taxa
  • Charles Lyell

    Scottish geologist who incorporated hutton gradualism into the theory of uniformitarianism
  • Thomas Malthus

    English demographer
    plants and animals are capable of producing far more offspring that resources can support ''struggle for existence''
    each species struggle for
    living space
  • Charles Darwin

    English gentlemen who conceived of natural selection as the principal mechnamism of adaptive evolution
  • Alfred Russel Wallace

    English botanist who also (indenpendently) conceived of natural selection as the principal mechnism of adaptive evolution
    ''the origin of species'' (1859)
  • Aristotle

    (384-322 B.C.)
    Greek Philosopher
    species are permenant perfect immutable.