• Bishop Ussher

    Bishop Ussher
    He published a chronology that purported to establish the time and date of the creation of Heaven and Earth.
  • Spontaneous Generation

    Spontaneous Generation
    Francesco Redi was a scientist that explored a old question; " Why fly maggots often crop up in putefried meat." with new scientific tools.
  • Linnaeus´s

    Linnaeus publish the first edition of Systema Naturae. His system divides life into kingdoms, classes,orders etc.
  • Comte de Bufon

    Comte de Bufon
    Comte de Buffon was the first one to define species as a group of organisms that can interbreed with one another but not with members of the same species.
  • Natural theology

    Natural theology
    William Paley´s "Natural Theology" holds not only on God existence but also his attributes are manifest in the intricate forms of nature.
  • Lamarck

    Jean-Bapiste de Lamarck is the most renowed, but not the only one proponent on evoulution era. He proposed that living things evolve to become more complex thorough time.
  • Cuvier

    George Cuvier hates the idea of evolution,but he worked on fossil record helps fuel the rise of evolutionary scientist.He explained that the contruction of canals in the 19th century unearth fossils of bizarre and extict creatures.
  • Lyell

    Most of the naturalist things that Earth history extents of ages.But Charles Lyell argued the slow-moving, explains the Earth geology, with his mentor James Hutton.
  • Period: to

    Beagle Voyage

    When Charles Darwin began his voyage, he spended his life in the clergy.The Beagle Voyage at the Andrean peaks, Galapagos Island is the best experience for him.
  • Neanderthal

    The Neandethals fossils revelaed that were large-brained with heavy-set brows and jaws.
  • Wallace

    Alfred Russels Wallace a young explorer, had a theory of how species might evolve so he told Darwin and he got shocked becuase Wallace had the research of natural selection which Darwin had researched for 20 years.
  • Origin of Species

    Origin of Species
    Charles Darwin´s book " Origin of Species" is the most influential, becuase his therory is coherent in the envolment of humans.Just as domestic animas envolve by breeding, animals in wild envolve of natural selections.
  • Ape debate

    Ape debate
    Charles Darwin didnt have a theory of human evolution so Thomas Henry Huxley explore/research about it.He was one of the first to write about the humans studies envolve.
  • Evolution Accepted

    Evolution Accepted
    Some of the scientist reject the idea of evolution, but in magazines,newspaper it promoted the evoulution. Charles Darwin´s theory " natural selection" continues to be doubted.
  • Decedent of man

    Decedent of man
    Charles Darwin writed about the sexual selection in his new book. He explained that to pass along traits to future generations,individuals must be not only fit to survive, but also irresistabel to the opposite sex.
  • Horse Fossils

    Horse Fossils
    Charles Marsh had studied the ancient horse fossils.He and Hutton put in piece what both of them had studied about horse fossils. From 4-toed they predicted it would be soon a 5-toed horse.
  • Darwin´s burial

    Darwin´s burial
    Charles Darwin´s body is rest near Sir Isaac Newtoon in England by British scientist.
  • Radioactivity

    The discovery of radioactivity was by Antoine Henri Becquerel.He leads the stunning of Earth´s age,The Earth id 4.3 billion years old.
  • Pilldown man

    Pilldown man
    Piltdown man tells that Charles Darwin is tru, but years later they found out that the fossil was fake.
  • First anti evolution bill

    First anti evolution bill
    Many anti-evolutionsist hate the idea that humans are related to apes.There is demoralization involved in accepting a brute ancestry-William Jennings.
  • Period: to

    Anti-evolution bills

    In the Scopes trial, 35 new anti-evolution bills are proposed in 20 states and 3 states pass laws. Anti-evolution books " Hell and the High School" are quick sellers in Dayton.
  • Tennessee bill

    Tennessee bill
    The Tennessee legislature passes a bill that makes it a misdemeanor for public school teachers, to teach any theory of the Divine Creations as the bible.
  • Textbook Censored

    Textbook Censored
    Publishers remove the references to evolution from biology textbooks because of the loss of sales.
  • Man like ape

    Man like ape
    Raymond Dart announced that man-like ape has been found in a limestone quarry at South Africa.In later decades his analysis will be questioned by paleontologist who saw the fossils as evidence that early human were scavengers.
  • Neo Darwinism

    Neo Darwinism is an update theory of combining moderns genetics with Darwi´s 19th century theory.Mutuations are seen as the key to how new traits evolve.
  • Evolution Shunned

    Evolution Shunned
    One concerned scientist later estimates than less than the half of all the hish school science teachers in the early 1940s taught anything about evolution.
  • Period: to

    Supreme Court

    Justice Hugo Black writes the mayority opinion banning religious instructions.The Constitutional govenment was the only one to give explicit preferences to any denominations.
  • Pope pios XII

    Pope pios XII
    Pope Pius XII considers evolution as a serious hypotesis worthy of in-depth study.He made Catholics to accept humans evolution by stressing s distinction between soul and body.
  • DNA

    Genes are pass by traits of living things and that they are pass down through generations.But it takes the discovery of the structure of DNA to unlock the details of genes.
  • Origins of life

    Origins of life
    Stanley Miller was a student at Harold Urey which he sets his materials to explore the origins of life.He produced amino acids, the key of building blocks of life.
  • Human and Apes

    Human and Apes
    Genetic science allow researchers to see the similarities of a DNA of a human and apes.Allen Willsion found out that humans are more closley releated to African apes than orangutans to African apes.Mary-Claire King estimated that humans and chimps share more than 98% of genes.
  • Supreme Court on Evolution

    Supreme Court on Evolution
    Supreme Court rules the Arkansas law an unconstitutional establishment of religion.Susan Epperson, holds the textbook she used in violation of Arkansa´s anti-evpolutionl aw.
  • DNA codes

    DNA codes
    DNA the genetic blueprint for living things, is like a text made up of chemical letter.Reading the sequence of letter in DNA was a painstaking process.
  • Period: to

    Textbook disclaimer

    By calling evolution " controversial" it cast a dark shadow on what most scientist maintain is the well-proven foundation of biology.
  • Pop John Paul II

    Pop John Paul II
    Pop John Paul II papal proclaimed that there is no conflict between the evolutionary science and the World´s largest Chrisitand faith.
  • Science Standards

    Science Standards
    The Fordham Foundation laments that only 19 states do the " a weak-to-reprehensible job of handing evolution on their science standards".12 states shun the evolution and 4 avoid topics in evolution completley.
  • Human Genome

    Human Genome
    Humans not only share the 98% with chimpanzes but they even have common genes with fruit flies and yest.Fields of genome give scientist new tools to understand how humans have envolve during years.