Events of Watergate

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    Events of Watergate

  • Richard Nixon wins election

    Richard Nixon wins election
    Campaigned to get the U.S. out of Veitnam
  • Sanctuary Bombings in Cambodia

    Nixon ordered bombs to be dropped to stop the flow of goods to the Viet Cong. Seen as an escalation of the war.
  • Daniel Elsberg publishes Pentagon Papers

    Daniel Elsberg publishes Pentagon Papers
    Sent 7,000 pages of Top Secret info to New York Times. Becomes Nixon's No. 1 enemy
  • Elsberg's Psychiatrist Office Burgalarized

    Elsberg's Psychiatrist Office Burgalarized
    A group called the "plumbers" did the job. Set up by Nixon to stop leaks.
  • Watergate Apartment Break-In

    Watergate Apartment Break-In
    5 men were arrested trying to plant bugs in the office of the Democratic Party. These men were part of the Comittee to Re Elect the President.
  • Watergate Burgalrs are connected to Nixon for 1st time

    AG John Mitchell denied involvement
  • Burgalrs again Connected to Nixon

    $25,000 check from reelection campagin was found in bank account of one of the burgulars
  • Nixon Re-Elected

    Nixon Re-Elected
    Even after all the speculation, Nixon is still re-elected as President
  • White House Aide reveals existence of Nixon taping system

    White House Aide reveals existence of Nixon taping system
    Aide Alexander Butterfield tells Senate that Nixon has recoreded every converstaion in Oval Office since '71. Prosecutor Archibald Cox requested the tapes.
  • Invesigators Request Tapes from Nixon

    Invesigators Request Tapes from Nixon
    Nixon refuses to hand over tapes, saying he was "exceutive privelage"
  • Saturday Night Massacre

    Saturday Night Massacre
    Nixon told AG Elliot Richardson to fire Archibald Cox to gtet him off the case. Richardson would not, so Nixon fired him.
  • Gerald Ford becomes VP

    Gerald Ford becomes VP
    After former VP Agnew resigned, Nixon named Gerald Ford as the new VP
  • Supreme Court says Nixon must turn over tapes

    Court ruled that Nixon's claim of "executive privelage" did not apply
  • Nixon Resigns

    Nixon Resigns
    After realizing that impeachment or resignation were the only two options, Nixon resigned. Gerald Ford becomes President.
  • Ford pardons Nixon

    Ford pardons Nixon