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Events of the Revolution

By yoppers
  • Washington Takes Command

    George Washington modestly accepts the post of commander of the Continental Army He is strongly recommended by John Adams
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

  • Common Sense Published

    Paine accuses Britain of child abuse Influential pamphlet provides valuable morale for patriots
  • Battle of Boston

    British are forced to evacuate Boston But there are no shots fired
  • Declaration of Independence

    Congress adopts Declaration of Independence Signing starts about a week later
  • Battle of New York

    George Washington holds Harlem Heights Loses New York and Long Island to the British
  • Washington crosses the Delaware

    Takes drunken Hessians by surprise and captures Trenton Hits them on the day after after Christmas
  • Washington takes Princeton

    He takes Princeton shortly after Trenton This is also a surprise attack
  • Howe takes Philadelphia

    He and his troops peacefully occupy Philadelphia Spend rest of the winter there
  • Battles of Saratoga

    Horatio Gates defeats Elnglishman john Burgoyne at Saratoga Greatly increases patriot morale
  • Washington retires his army to Valley Forge

    Famous grueling winter at Valley Forge Trained by Baron von Steuben
  • French Alliance

    The Americans and the French sign the French Alliance This will bring much-needed help to the colonists later on(in the form of Rochambeau)
  • Battle of Monmouth Courthouse

    Colonists win decisive battle in NJ Fought just after the British left Philadelphia for New York
  • Battle of Savannah

    The redcoats easily occupy Savannah This is in an effort to isolate the South from the Middle and Northern colonies
  • Spain Declares War on Britain

    The Spanish also send lots of supplies and money to the Americans They trouble British forces on the Western front
  • The Serapis is Sunk

    John Paul Jones slowly but victoriously captures the Serapis, a huge British man-of-war When asked if he wanted to surrender, he said "I have not yet begun to fight"
  • Battle of Charleston

    The British capture the Americans ' stronghold in the South, Charleston They also capture almost all of the Southern Army
  • Battle of Kings Mountain

    An hour long battle where the patriots capture one-third of Cornwallis' army They are led by Isaac Shelby and John Sevier
  • The Articles of Confederation are Adopted

    This is the first system of law before the Contsitution Lots of loopholes that led to the writing of the constitution
  • French Fleet Drives the British form Chesapeake Bay

    They start to move the British out of the North This is shortly before they trap them at Yorktown
  • Cornwallis Surrenders at Yorktown

    General Cornwallis surrenders to George Washington though Washington is helped by Rochambeau and Admiral de Grasse He surrounded by land and sea at Yorktown
  • King George Surrenders

    He finally accepts defeat The Americans and the British sogn the Articles of Peace
  • Treaty of Paris

    Big peacekeeper between Britain, US, France, and Spain Keeps the British out until 1812