Events of the animal farm

By cp23
  • Old Major's Speach

    duing chapter one old Major gives the animals a speach. he incouages the animals to rebel.
  • Beasts of England

    Old Major explained to all the animals that he had a dream, and he had remembered a song that his mother used to sing. it was called the Beasts of England. the animals would use this song as modivation twoards freedom from jones
  • Old Major dies

  • the animals rebel

    after jones had come home drunk and forgot to feed them the animals finally had enough. the animals rebeled against Jones. the animals won the battle and took over the animal farm.
  • the animals make the 7 commandments

    the animals made the seven commandments to ensure that the farm did not end up like it had with jones. the commandments were
    1. whatever goes upon two legs is and enemy
    2. whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend animal shall wear clothes
    4. no animal shall dring alcohol animal shall sleep in a bed
    6. no animal shall kill any other animal
    7. all animals are equal
    they beleved that these seven commandments would be the bases of the animal farm.
  • first harvest

    the animal frist harvest was a big success. they had gotten more food than they had thought they would be able to get. each animal did their share in the harvest, and contributed acourding to their body size.
  • snowball invents a new song

    snowball inveted the new song 4 legs good 2 legs bad. he did this to remind the animal to never let humans to gain controll. each animal set out to learn this new song.
  • plans for the windmill

    Snowball had made plans for a windmill to be constructed. he beleved that it would power all the lights and the milking machines. everyone thought the idea was great execpt Napolean.
  • Jones tries to take the farm back

    Jones and half a doezen others from the Foxwood and Pinchfield came to take the farm back over. jones had a gun in his hand. however the animals had exptected it and were ready to fight. he launched a number of attacks that were very succsseful. they ended up running of jones and all of his men. this battle would be know as the battler of the cowshed from now on.
  • mollie dissapears

    mollie was found looking over the hedges to Foxwood farm. she missed the humans, and missed the attention. a few days later mollie disapeared, and it was found that she had jumped the hedges over to Foxwood.
  • snowball gets chased away

    after snowball had made his speach about the windmill nine dogs chased snowball through the hedges. it was also noticed that the dogs wagged their tails to napoleaon.
  • the winter

    The winter ahead held many challanges. because they had been working on the windmill, their harves didnt do aswell. the animals had a hard winter each short on food. also work on the windmill was slow becasuse of the snow
  • trade

    one morning napoleaon announced that he had decided that the animals needed to trade.many of the animals were uneasy about the idea of trading with humans, but Napoleaon told them it would only help them.
  • pigs move into the farm house

    the pigs soon moved into the farm house. despite the earlyer commandments against it. they told all the animals that it was ok because they werent using sheets.
  • windmill falls over

    during a late november storm giant winds came through. the winds took tiles of the roof of the barn and had acually leveled the windmill. all the animals work had been destroyed, and was in ruins.
  • rebuilding the windmill

    Napoleaon told the animals to start the windmill again. he blamed the windmill falling on Snowball. the animals now built the walls 3 feet deep so that it would never fall down again.
  • the hens and their eggs

    on day Napoleaon had ordered that the hens must give up their eggs. the hens wanted no such thing, so they decided to lay their eggs in the rafters. this made Napoleaon mad, and he said not so much as a grain of corn should go to a hen. in the end it was 9 hens dead.
  • confessions

    Napoleaon asked the animals if they had any confesstions. many did, and when snowball head them he was enraged. he ordered the animals to be killed which was breaking one of the 7 commandments. clover said that this was not their vision when they overthrew Jones. she said that they didnt want the scenes of terror and slaughter.
  • Beasts of England are over

    Squealer told the animals that they now were not aloudd to sing the Beasts of England because it was a song of rebelion and the rebelion was complete.
  • leader Napoleaon

    Napoleaon was gaining more power. he was now refered to as leader Napoleaon and didnt come out of the house often. when he did he was welcome by the cock-a-doodle-doo of a black cockerel.
  • selling the timber

    Napoleaon had decided to sell the timber to Fredrick. the wood was carted away and they paied Napoleaon with a bank not. it turns out that the note was a fake and this enraged Napoleaon. he annonced a death sentence on Fredrick.
  • The Attack

    there were 15 men most of them with guns in hand. the gun fire was to much to handler. the animals had to take cover. they watched as the men blew up the windmill with explosives. the sight of the windmill destroyed yet again aloud their courage to return. they ran at the men and kicked and bit them untill they left. the animals had won the fight, however at a price. it killed many animals and wounded boxer.
  • brewing

    Napoleaon finds some of Jone's old wiskey in the basement. he decided to grow crops nessicary to brew. he also bought the equitment. thist was also breaking one of his 7 commanments.
  • next winter

    as the next winter rolled around they found that they were low on food again. they cut down rations of food except to the pigs and the dogs
  • boxer gets hurt

    boxer had injured his foot during the attack, however he continued working. he worked and worked untill on night when boxer fell over and the cart of stones had landed on top of him.
  • willingdon animal hospital

    Napoleaon ordered that boxer should be taken to the animal hospital to get help. many of the animals were uneasy about this decision but agreed. however as the van was driving away with boxer Benjamin noticed that on the side of the van it said "horse slaughterer and glue boiler." however despite all efforts to stop the van they were not able to. a few days later they made a mermorial for boxer.
  • four legs good two legs better

    many years after boxers death the farm had become bigger and more organized. then one night all of the pigs started to walk on two legs. even Napoleaon came out on two legs carring a whip in his trotter. the sheep then broke into song singing four legs good two legs bad.
  • one and only commandment

    at this point all of the commandments had been crossed out except on that read "all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others".
  • pig or man?

    one night the animals heard some noise from the house. when they went to look they found that the pigs were sitting at a table playing cards and drinking beer with humans. they then all tosted to the Manor farm. at that point the animals realized that they couldnt tell the difference between pig and man.