Events Leading To The Battle of Gettysburg

By JL51
  • Battle of Manasses

    Confederates win and Stonewall Jackson is gained as a military leader.
  • The Peninsula Campaign

    McClellan launched an attack on Richmond, Virginia and a new general enters, Robert E. Lee, and drives the Union fleet back.
  • Jackson's Valley Campaign

    Jackson sent a small fleet of men up to North to try prevent McDowell’s army from reinforcing McClellan’s army at Richmond, Jackson then defeats three Union troops and making them retreat. After Jackson finished he joins up with Lee at the Peninsula.
  • Second Battle of Manassas

    Lee leads his army North to destroy Pope’s army before McClellan’s army could return to the Peninsula. Confederates winning forcing the Union to retreat to Washington.
  • Battle of Fredericksburg

    A new general enters, General Burnside, and plans to attack Lee’s army at Fredericksburg and they lose horribly and Burnside is quickly replaced
  • Battle of Antietam

    Lee decides to launch and invasion on Maryland, but McClellan cuts them off, McClellan had gotten a copy of Lee’s plans, and Lee and his forces retreat to Virginia
  • Battle of Chancellorsville

    “ Fighting Joe” Hooker leads the Union troops to attack Lee at Fredericksburg again and Lee defeats Hooker’s larger army and General Stonewall Jackson Dies from wounds
  • Lee's Second Invasion

    The war isn’t going well for the south after being besieged at Vicksburg. Lee is determined to invade the North and win a great victory to end the war. He plans to strike deep in Pennsylvania and force a battle
  • The Army of the Polomac

    “Fighting Joe” led 93,000 men of the Army of the Potomac; even though the army recently lost to the Confederates they still had good morale.
  • The Army of Northern Virginia

    Lee’s Northern Army of Virginia has little supplies but has very high morale and believes that they can beat the Union in any battle
  • Battle of Brandy Station

    “Fighting Joe” sends his troops over a river to probe Confederate positions and sent a Calvary to find out Lee’s plans.
  • Battle of Winchester

    One of “Joe’s” troops are ambushed and killed, while Lee is heading North, “Joe” follows him slowly not knowing when he will choose to attack
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    A battleground is chosen to fight on, Gettysburg.
    This is the main battle sight of this major event. The Union has control of the city and has troops ready to fight and/or defend the city. When the Confederates first attacked they made the Union retreat but hold their ground and force Lee back. Reinforcements come in for each side and help in the battle. Union ends up defeating the Confederate forces.