Events in the first nation history

  • Apr 9, 1492

    Chritopher Colombus arrives in the United States

    This event changed the Native people forever. It the stepping stone the loss of their land and the british taking over.
  • Period: Apr 10, 1500 to

    The geneside of beothuk

    The Beothuk were a group of aboriginal people. It was reported that the Europeens commited genicide against them and are the reason the Beothuk died out. Because of them a whole a whole culture died out.
  • Period: Apr 10, 1500 to

    Transmition of Disease's through HBC

    Because of all the traveling involved in the HBC it helped the spread of disease and killed lot's of first nations and made them weaker against the Europeens and made it easier for many tribes to become extinct.
  • Period: Apr 10, 1500 to

    Colonisation of Europeens

    With people from Europe colonizing here they got territory takin away from them and they didn't even have a choice. It is a stepping stone that started the loss of culture of the first nations that still affect them today
  • smallpox

    Smallpox affected the native americains in huge way. It was a major facter of the depopulation of some tribes. It weakened them against the british and was one of the factors that they had to sign the treatys.
  • Period: to

    seven years war

    Many natives were hired to fight for the french and British. Thousands of natives were killed it weakened tribes. Many natives died in bloodshed that was unessasary.
  • Period: to

    Residenntial schools

    Took their culture away from them. They were abused and lost language,traditions and way of life
  • indian act

    The act gave the indians rights. It gave Europeens power over them and gave them negotiatien advantages. It still affects their culture because they lost a lot of it
  • Period: to

    All the treaties that happened

    When the first nations pretty much lost their power. The brittish owned the land and controled them
  • Hudson's Bay Company

    The Native help the Europeens with the Hudson's bay company. When doing work for them it changed there culture. being around the Europeens they would have adopted a few of there ways and before the would only kill animals if it was for something that they needed and for the company they did it for money. It is another thing that helped change their culture