Events in the 1920s

  • The 18 Amendment

    The 18 Amendment
    On January 16 congress passed the 18 Amendment. This new Amendment called of a stop to the driking and making of alcoholic drinks. Although the law was in place alcohol was still being produced behind closed doors. The law was later taken back because of the growth of organised crime.
  • Woman are given the right to vote.

    Woman are given the right to vote.
    Woman get the right to vote when the 19 Amendment grants universial woman suffrage. Before this Amendment woman were considered property and were not viewed as a working citizen. After a 70-year battle it was granted.
  • First regular radio prodcasts

    First regular radio prodcasts
    On November 2 station KDKA in Pittsburg, PA started the first regular radio broadcasts. Dr. Frank Conrad and Westinghouse chose this day because it was election day and they wanted to prove that it was faster to find out the results of the election on the radio instead of through the newspaper. People started to by radios after this because they wanted to know what was going on faster.
  • Warren G. Harding

    Warren G. Harding
    In the 1920 election Warren G. Harding ran against Ohio Governor James M. Cox. Warren's slogan was a "return to normalcy." What he ment was hat with him as president thing would start to get back to normal after World War 1. This was the first elction that woman could vote in and since woman considered Hardin "handsome" he got there votes too. Also this was the first elction covered by the radio.
  • Period: to

    Wage cuts and shorter hours

    Wage cuts and uneployment caused a huge unrest in the people. The newly formed Hoover Commission said that they should have price cuts and shorter hours rather than an incress in wages. The normal workday was decreased to 14-12 hours.
  • Calvin Coolidge becomes president.

    Calvin Coolidge becomes president.
    Shortly after becoing president Calvin Coolidge's son died. He became withdrawn and sad for the rest of his presidenty.
  • Tea Pot Dome Scandle

    Tea Pot Dome Scandle
    During President Harding time as President the Tea Pot Dome scandle erupted out of no where. This scandle involved Harry F. Sinclair of Mammoth Oil and Secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall. Fall illegaly gave Sinclair goverment land to drill for oil on. Fall was the first cabinate menber to go to jail.
  • Harlem Renaissance flourishes

    Harlem Renaissance flourishes
    The neighborhood of Harlem at the time was the largest black urban community.It was called at renaissance because it symbolized a rebirth and hope for African Americans. Harlem became home to many writers, musicians, painter and many others.
  • Hirohito becomes emperor of Japan

    Hirohito becomes emperor of Japan
    Hirohito recived the crown of Japan after his father, Yoshihito, died. At the time tentions were very high in Japan. Hirohito was amost was assinated a few years after he became Emperor.
  • Lindbergh made first flight across the Atlantic.

    Lindbergh made first flight across the Atlantic.
    On may 20 Charles Lindbergh made the first transatlantic flight. He started at Roosevelt Field located in NY and ended at Le Bourget Field in Paris, France. Charles also recived a medal of honor for "his historic exploit."
  • Herbert Hoover

    Herbert Hoover
    In the presidential election of 1928 Hoover easily won the Repulican nomination. Hoover belived in the Efficiency Movement, witch stated that the goverment was filled with wate. Hoover wanted to solve this problem. Hoover was one of the few presidents who took less then there granted pay. He also gave money to the poor when the stock market chrased shorty after his election.