European and Native American Relations

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  • Oct 16, 1492

    Columbus lands in the New World

    Columbus lands in the New World
    Christopher columbus landed in North America on this date. He initiated contact with the Native Americans for the first time.
  • Jean Nicolet arrives in Wisconsin

    Jean Nicolet arrives in Wisconsin
    Jean Nicolet came to Wisconsin in 1634. He came to help stop a fued between the Huron tribe and the Ho-Chunk tribe. He sucessfully brought peace to the tribes then returned to France.
  • Iroquois Indian Trade War

    Iroquois Indian Trade War
    The Iroquois indians were upset that the french and their other indian partners were taking over the trade system. This led to a massive war where the Iroquois eraticated the Erie Indians and scattered other tribes through the great lakes area.
  • Iroquois War Finally Ends

    Iroquois War Finally Ends
    The Iroquois finally made peace with the French and the other indianas helping the French. This was after 20 years of off and on destruction. The iroquois stayed allied to the British.
  • French and Indian War Ends

    French and Indian War Ends
    The major war between the French and the indians lasted 7 years. The British helped the Indiansside. At its conclusion the war was decisive and the British gained all of Canada and the Mid-West from the French.