European and American Explorers Timline

  • Period: 1540 to

    Spain 1st

    Coronado 1540---------> Villasur 1720 Came to Nebraska and claimed it for Spain. This claim ended when Villasur went to Nebraska in an attempt to stop the French from trading on their land and got killed.
  • Feb 23, 1540

    Coronado’s Expedition

    Coronado’s Expedition
    In 1540, Coronado led a Spanish expedition up Mexico’s western coast and into the region that is now the southwestern United States.
  • Jacques Marquette’s Expedition

    Jacques Marquette’s Expedition
    A french guy that was sent to explore the land that he had claimed. He was the first guy that really knew about the Mississippi River.
  • Period: to

    France 1st

    Cavalier 1682-----------> Lost 7 year war 1763 This started when France claimed it in 1682. France lost the Seven Year War, so they gave the land to Spain.
  • Villasur’s Expedition

    Villasur’s Expedition
    Had a war with the Spanish and it lasted for a couple of minutes and killed many soldiers. It also killed Villasur in the war.
  • Étienne de Veniard, Sieur de Bourgmont coming to NE

    Étienne de Veniard, Sieur de Bourgmont coming to NE
    Founded the Platte River and named it.
  • Period: to

    Spain 2nd

    Won 7 year war 1763---------> Napoleon Toolkit 1800 This happens when Spain wins the Seven Years War, so the French gave it to them. Then Napoleon came along and took it back.
  • Period: to

    France 2nd

    Napoleon 1800----------> Louisiana Purchase 1803 France gained control of the Great Plains. Napoleon sold it to America in the Louisiana Purchase because he was scared that they would get it anyway and he wouldn't gain anything off of it.
  • Period: to

    USA 1st

    The US decided that they needed more territory, so they decided to buy the Louisiana Purchase from France. France needed money, so the US bought the land for $15 million.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark Expedition
    Meriweather Lewis and William Clark led an expedition called the Corps of Discovery to find out about the US's new land. They were looking for a water route across the US and they wanted to learn about the land and people.
  • Zebulon Pike Expedition

    Zebulon Pike Expedition
    Scouted the Great Plains, named Pikes Peak, actually he named after himself. Said that the whole area was like the African Deserts.
  • Period: to

    USA adds NE

    The United State lets Nebraska into the Union.