European and American Explorers Timeline

  • Jul 11, 1541

    Coronado's Expedition

    Coronado's Expedition
    They did discover the Grand Canyon and other major physical landmarks of the region and clashed violently with local Indians. With the expedition there was a failure by Spanish colonial authorities.
  • Jacques Marquette's Expedition

    Jacques Marquette's Expedition
    Didn't discover the Mississippi River, but their reports of the Indians they met and natural resources did lead French officials to construct a network of trading posts across the region to exploit its resources.
  • Étienne de Veniard

    Étienne de Veniard
    De Bourgmont fled to North America to escape imprisonment for not paying fines. Documented travels on the Missouri and Platte Rivers and made the first European maps of these areas in the early 18th century.
  • Villasur's Expedition

    Villasur's Expedition
    The expedition was the deepest official penetration of the Great Plains by Spanish explorers. Villasur's defeat ended Spanish exploration until 1806 expedition visited the Pawnee Village.
  • Lewis and Clark's Expedition

    Lewis and Clark's Expedition
    Mapped uncharted lands, rivers, and mountains. Brought back journals with details about Native American tribes and scientific notes about plants and animals they had never seen before.
  • Zebulon Pike's Expedition

    Zebulon Pike's Expedition
    After splitting up them, Pike led the larger contingent to find the headwaters. A smaller group returned safely to the U.S Army fort in St.Louis, Missouri before winter set in.