Europe In The Middle Ages

  • 476

    Fall of Rome

    The fall of Rome caused the Dark Ages. Rome waqs destroyed by a Germanic tribe. The territories had no protection. Trade, movement, and money decreased.
  • 500

    Catholic Church is now in Charge

    There was no unity until the Catholic Church stepped up and took charge. They were a very strong political force. The power they used was that they were the voice of God.
  • Sep 1, 700


    Attackes by barbaric tribes caused people to build walls for their protection. They created everything they needed for society to be within those walls. The people who had power wanted to make sure they could keep it.
  • Sep 1, 768


    His grandpa was foamous for stopping the Muslims from taking over Europe in the Battle of Tours. He is famous for having the biggest unified empire during the Middle Ages. He had the most land too.
  • Sep 1, 1100

    The Crusades

    Caused by the Muslims because they take over the Holy Land. Trade increases between Europe and Asia. People feel safe to travel. People start leaving the Manor to go trade and travel. Feudalism weakens. Find out that Muslims preserved Greek and Roman writings. They read the writings from the past empire that was geat, and they wish to be like that again. This starts the Renaissance.
  • Sep 1, 1400

    The Printing Press

    A man named Gtuenburg invented the printing press in France. This helped spread news quicker than ever. If he wouldn't have invented this, we would have no records of what happened in that time period.
  • Sep 26, 1517

    Protestant Reformation

    Martin Luther started it. He is from Germany and he was a Catholic Monk.. He reads the bible.