Establishing english colonies in america

  • first english expedition to roanoke

    first english expedition to roanoke
    john white traveled to roanoke,an island off of north carolina.later , he became governor of roanoke and brought more settlers.
  • white war

    white war
    forced england to sail together.they has to get supplies.big war
  • 130 ships set out for england

    130 ships  set out for england
    they met in the english chanel.when they met in the chanel they had a battle.
  • 88 colonist

    88 colonist
    only 88 settlers were alive.the settlers ate eachother they ate.because they ran out of food.
  • the starving time

    the starving time
    colonins were lacking food due to natives.many colonist died that winter reports were natsty
  • white men

    white men
    bad white men.they abused women.they beat other women to death,and they also raped them.
  • Pochantas

    pocahontas gets married. but just not married she married a white man by the name of john white.its a tradition to marry another stong indian man.she broke that tradtion,and many others started
  • more people

    more people
    people jumped from 600 to 2,000 more than tripled in a year when it jumped up much more food came.
  • black man

    black man
    1619 first black man to arrive in america.when first black arrived he was used as a hardworking slave.he was paid cheap and sleep good.when they worked them they also got to sleep there.
  • pilgrims at plymoth

    pilgrims at plymoth
    pilgrams land with more white men and women.first group of colors and other colored slaves.