ESOC 210 Timeline

  • Period: to

    Liberation Movements

    In the 1970's women, gay men, lesbian women, and Native Americans organized to change laws and pursue government support.
  • First Meeting

    First Meeting
    The Homebrew Computer Club had their first meeting on March 5, 1975. This meeting was at a garage in Sa Mateo County, California. (Photo is a picture of Gordan French, the founder of the HCC)
  • First Newsletter

    First Newsletter
    The HCC's first newsletter was published on March 15th, 1975. The newsletter was published from multiple address's during it's earlier stages but eventually become a P.O. box address. This address was a place located in Mountain View, California. (The image is what the newsletter looks like and this was the very first issue to come out.)
  • Second Newslettter

    Second Newslettter
    The second newsletter to be sent from the HCC. The newsletter described the growth of the members and planning as the club moves forward. (The image is what the second newsletter looked like from the front.)
  • Third Newsletter

    Third Newsletter
    The third newsletter to come from the HCC. The newsletter describes a new club chapter starting in San Francisco and the use of a Cybercom Key. (Image is the front of the third newsletter)
  • Fourth Newsletter

    Fourth Newsletter
    This newsletter talks about sharing their experiences and hobbies with others to advance the state of the object/art.
    (The image is showing the front cover of the fourth newsletter released by the HCC.)
  • Fifth Newsletter

    Fifth Newsletter
    The fifth newsletter from the HCC talks about working through a way to gain members in the club by reducing the price of components and micro-computers.
    (The image shows the front page of the fifth newsletter sent out by HCC.)
  • Apple One Prototype

    Apple One Prototype
    The first ever Apple One prototype is finished. Steve Wozniak debuttes the Apple One prototype to HCC. (The image shows both Woz and Jobs working.)
  • Creation of Fairchild Channel F

    Creation of Fairchild Channel F
    Lawson helped lead the development of the system called "Fairchild Channel F". The system specifically was designed to use swappable game cartridges.
  • Apple One Computer

    Apple One Computer
    Apple-1 launched! The Apple One was the first desktop computer to be released by Apple. (The Image is showing both Woz and Jobs)
  • Last Newsletter

    Last Newsletter
    The last newsletter was published in December 1977. This was the 21st issue of the newsletter. (Picture is the last ever newsletter from the Homebrew Computer Club, ending the newsletters with only 21 issues.)
  • First Floppy Disk

    First Floppy Disk
    David Noble invents the first ever floppy disk. (The image is of a few floppy disks)
  • Democratic Homebrew Computer Club

    Democratic Homebrew Computer Club
    The HCC got democratized and moved forward with this sort of structure. (The image is a HCC meeting.)
  • Homebrew Computer Club Disbanded

    Homebrew Computer Club Disbanded
    The HCC disbands. (The image shows the "Homebrew Originals")
  • Reunion of Homebrew Computer Club

    Reunion of Homebrew Computer Club
    A HCC reunion was held at SLAC on March 5th, 2001. Many older members attended the event. (Image of Marty Spergel and Gordon French reunited)
  • 9/11

    A series of four terrorist attacks against the United States happen. The attack resulted in over 26,000 injuries.
    (Images are of the damages of 9/11)
  • Anniversary of Homebrew Computer Club

    Anniversary of Homebrew Computer Club
    The 30th year anniversary of the Homebrew Computer Club. (Image of HCC members)
  • Second Homebrew Computer Club Reunion

    Second Homebrew Computer Club Reunion
    A second HCC reunion was held November 11th, 2013 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.
    (Image is of the Computer History Museum)