Erikson TimeLine

Timeline created by kaitlincowell
  • trust vs mistrust

    trust vs mistrust
    Beckham (age 3) chooses his own outfits and dresses himself
    In Erikson's second stage, Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt
    Battle between having self distinction or shame and doubt, allowing Beckham to choose his clothes gives him a sense of self
  • initiative vs guilt

    initiative vs guilt
    Beckham (age 4) puts together a play train track and then races trains on it
    in Erikson's third stage, initiative vs guilt
    during this stage with encouragement around purposeful planning children will develop a sense of initiative but if discouraged will develop sense of shame
  • industry vs inferiority

    industry vs inferiority
    Beckham (age 6) is excited to go back to school after Christmas break
    in Erikson's fourth stage, industry vs inferiority
    if child is encouraged in learning then he will develop a sense of industry and if he is unsuccessful then he will develop a sense of inferiority