Erikson's Timeline

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  • Intimacy versus Isolation

    Intimacy versus Isolation
    Grace age 27 and Henry married. They decided that they want to spend their lives together forever, and only be committed to each other. They want to grow old, and make a happy honest family. In Erikson’s fifth stage, the crisis is between choosing intimacy or isolation. Grace chose intimacy over isolation. Which is, going into a committed relationship, and becoming emotionally vulnerable to another. Rather than isolation, and not forming any intimate relationships by choice.
  • Generativity versus stagnation

    Generativity versus stagnation
    Ever since Grace became a grandmother she has dedicated her time to educate and nurture her grandchildren. She makes sure to visit often, and teach them how to cook, sew, and fix things. She teaches the importance of helping and caring for others. This is the generativity side of the generativity versus stagnation crisis. Those who contribute to helping the next generation are in generativity. Those who do not contribute, will enter stagnation and feel disconnected with society.
  • Ego Integrity versus Despair

    Ego Integrity versus Despair
    Grace now 85 is on her death bed. Reflecting back on life, Grace worked a hard life, that involved many sacrifices, and some regrets. But she also accomplished so much, fell in love, and raised a great family. Grace believed in taking the good and bad as a positive, because you cant change the past. Grace is experiencing ego integrity versus despair. This is the time when you choose to accept the life you lived as a good life. Or go into despair about past regrets and what you cant change.