Erickson Timeline

By Ehail
  • Jacob's Halloween Costume

    Jacob's Halloween Costume
    Jacob (age 2.5) made a decision while with his mom at the local second-hand store to wear an astronaut costume for Halloween. In Erickson's second stage, autonomy vs shame and doubt, the crisis is in developing independence and autonomy in their world and staying dependent with a lack of control over their world. Successfully navigating this stage leads to developing autonomy over personal choices and becoming secure and confident.
  • Jacob's New Friends

    Jacob's New Friends
    While wandering around campus orientation as a freshman in college, Jacob (age 18) joins the robotics club. He was a "jock" all throughout high school but now wants to try to new things that sound fun. In Erickson's fifth stage of development, identity vs role confusion, the crisis is centered on creating a strong role of identity.
  • Jacob's Service committment

    Jacob's Service committment
    Jacob (age 28), feeling dissatisfied with his workplace efforts, starts volunteering twice a week after work at his local animal shelter to "give back" with his time. In Erickson's seventh stage, generativity vs stagnation, the crisis is between contributing to their community and "making a mark" and staying in their bubble and regretting opportunities that pass.