English interview timeline

By ERotter
  • organization of states

    The organization of the american states was established
  • war

    The Korean war began
  • presidant

    presidant Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected
  • mcdonalds

    Ray kroc opened a fast food restraunt known as McDonalds
  • presidant

    kennedy becomes presidant
  • Martin Luther King

    Martin luther king made the speech "I have a dream"
  • ciggarets

    The first year ciggarets had the label smoking can be hazardes on the boxes
  • Martin Luther King

    Was assasinated in Memphis TN
  • beatles

    The beatles break up
  • Palestinian

    The Palestinian hijakes 3 planes
  • microsoft

    Microsoft founded
  • Elvis

    Elvis Presly found dead
  • wedding

    Royal Wedding on tv
  • space

    Challenger space shuttle explodes
  • cold war

    official end of the cold war
  • bombed

    world trade center bombed
  • Terrorist

    Terriorist attack in America leaving 3000 dead
  • water

    Water is discoverd on the moon