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English 364 Individual project timeline

  • The River

    The River
    Dana is miraculously brought through time to the river to rescue Rufus. As quickly as she arrives she is sent back to her present time
  • The Fire

    The Fire
    Dana realizes that rufus is her distant ancestor and that it is her reponsibilty to protect him in order to ensure her existence
  • The Fall

    The Fall
    Dana fades back to the past in order to assist rufus with a broken leg from a fall from a tree
  • Period: to

    Kevin is stranded

    kevin is stuck in the past after dana fades out while he is not around. While he awaits her return he assists in the underground railroad
  • Dana is whipped

    Dana is whipped
    Dana is whipped for educating nigel. She fades out while kevin is not around and unintentionally abandons him
  • The Fight

    The Fight
    Isaac beats Rufus after he attempts to rape Alice
  • Dred scott v. Sanford

    Dred scott v. Sanford
    Blacks are declared property by law
  • Civil War

    Civil War
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    Major Landmark
  • Emancipation Proclomation

    Emancipation Proclomation
    All Blacks freed in the South. Slavery is officially a facet of the war
  • 13th amendment

    13th amendment
    Slavery is officially banned throughout entirety of the U.S.
  • 14th amendment

    14th amendment
    All men are citizens despite skin color etc.
  • 15th Amendment

    15th Amendment
    Everyone is guarenteed the right to vote
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Plessy v. Ferguson
    Supreme court decides seperate is still considered equal
  • Janie Mae Crawford is born

    Janie Mae Crawford is born
    Heroine protagonist of Their Eyes Were Watching God. Janie is actually narrating the story from the distant future to her dear freind Pheoby.
  • NAACP is Founded

    NAACP is Founded
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Arguably the most effective entity for the civil rights movement
  • Janie becomes a woman

    Janie becomes a woman
    Janie has a spiritual moment and becomes a woman underneath a blossoming pear tree. This spiritual moment inspires her to search for true love and creates the impetus for janie's upcoming trials
  • Janie marries Logan killik

    Janie marries Logan killik
    janie marries into a loveless marriage. She learns very quickly that love cannot be forced
  • Janie elopes with Jody

    Janie elopes with Jody
    Janie demonstrates that she is willing to be impulsive and make risky decisions in order to pursue the love she deserves and desires
  • Brownfield's cousin visits

    Brownfield's cousin visits
    Brownfield's cousin visits. They arrive in a automobile and brag about their possessions. This event is significant because it teaches brownfield how impoverished he is. It also builds up the allure of the ilusttrious north
  • Janie Emasculates Jody

    Janie Emasculates Jody
    Janie learns that men don't have all the power and that women can exert dominance over them. She takes slight joy in aquiring revenge for all of the condescending misogynistic remarks Jody made against her
  • Grange abandons the family subsequently killing Margaret

    Grange abandons the family subsequently killing Margaret
    Grange abandons his family. Margaret, A distraught margaret freezes to death clutching Brownfield's infant sibling starr.
  • Brownfield leaves town

    Brownfield leaves town
    Brownfield decides to attempt to find the father that abandoned him; travelling north and wisely forsaking sharecropping. he meets Josie soon after and begins a sexual relationship with her despite being his fathers former lover
  • Jody hits Janie

    Jody hits Janie
    janie realizes she will never love jody and is faced with the newly realized dilemna of another loveless marriage
  • Brownfield marries Mem; Daphne is born

    Brownfield marries Mem; Daphne is born
    Despite the sexual relationship brownfield had with Josie, Mem's figurative surrogate mother, mem and brownfield fall in love and marry. They deliver their frist daughter Daphne
  • Ornette is born

    Ornette is born
    The second copeland daughter is born. Unlike her older sister daphne, this copeland will not have any pleasent memories of brownfield
  • Grange Returns & Marries Josie; Ruth is born

    Grange Returns & Marries Josie; Ruth is born
    The astranged Grange returns to his family. Within a heartbeat he forgives josie for her transgressions with his son and attempts to repay brownfield for his own. Ruth is born andhe does everything he can for the child despite the deleterious conditions of her birtch. Although unknown what affected grange up north during those few years, he has made a drastic change for the better.
  • Mem threatens brownfield

    Mem threatens brownfield
    After a drunken night of abuse and rape, Mem has had enough and fights for her family. Brownfield is presented with the ultimatum of following her lead in the pursuit of a better life, leaving Mem, ornette, and daphne to live a better life without him, or death via shotgun
  • The good life crumbles

    The good life crumbles
    Although mem's plan comes to fruition and the better life they dreamed of is yielded, she becomes sick and the new house is foreclosed on. Brownfield could not be more anxious to return to the impoverished life of the past where he holds control. His mentality is warped to the degree of him finding delight i his families misfortune and ill favor.
  • Jody Dies

    Jody Dies
    janie's second marriage has come to an end. She is finally free of Jody's oppression and lives life as her own woman for the first time in her life. She discards her head rags forever and does the activities she wishes to do
  • Janie marries teacake

    Janie marries teacake
    janie elopes with Teacake abandoning eatonville and everything jody left her.
  • Mem is murdered by a drunken enraged brownfield

    Mem is murdered by a drunken enraged brownfield
    Through the tragedy of mem's death the girls are finally granted the escape from their sadistic father they dreamed of. Ornette and Daphne leave with their maternal grandfather, the preacher, while Ruth is sent with Grange. Grange and Ruth grow together in perfect happiness excluding a jealous josie.
  • Hurricane strikes the muck

    Hurricane strikes the muck
    The everglades are struck with a massive hurricane decimating florida, killing many and injuring many more. Tea Cake is bit by a rabid dog rescuing Janie.
  • Teacake is killed

    Teacake is killed
    Janie shoots a rabid tea cake who attacks her. This is significant because it demonstrates her progression from dependence to independence as a woman
  • Janie returns

    Janie returns
    janie returns to eatonville as our story has returns full circle. It is obvious to see Janie has become her own woman from her discarded dresses replaced with mud covered overalls. She appears empowered and more able than her peers
  • Brownfield is released

    Brownfield is released
    After a measley 7 1/2 years the corrupt penal system releases brownfield. During his stay in Prison he consults a convict guilty of murdering his entire family on how he should attain pleasure in destroying Ruth and Grange's new bond
  • Times are a changin

    Times are a changin
    Ruth and Grange get a glimpse into the civil rights movement of the sixties. Grange sees a possibility that the future will be different for african americans and wants ruth to be apart of it. This may have been what inspired Grange to take action against brownfield.
  • Brownfield is murdered

    Brownfield is murdered
    Grange makes the ultimate sacrifice by murdering brownfield in the court foffice as a method of protecting ruth from him. Grange repays his debt to his family by sacrficing his life for ruth's future
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Brown v. Board of Education
    Schools segregation is ending
  • I have a dream

    I have a dream
    The idolized leader of the civil rights movement, Martin luther king, gives the legendary speech I have a dream. This speech inspires civil rights and becomes a key slogan for rallying the masses.
  • Civil Rights Act

    Civil Rights Act
    Seperate is not equal
  • First & Second Time Travel

    First & Second Time Travel
    Dana is fades away through time while moving into her and kevin's new house. She fades awayagain later that night during her birthday dinner
  • Third Time Travel

    Third Time Travel
    Dana is whisked away through time to the distant past this time with kevin. Upon returning she is seperated from kevin and he is unintentionally abandoned
  • Fourth Time Travel

    Fourth Time Travel
    Upon returning her arm is caught in a wall which inevitably leads to amputation
  • MLK assasination

    MLK assasination
    Martin luther King is murdered on his hotel balcony at age 39. he continues too be the emblem for civil rights