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    In the 1750's Rationalism helped the men who created the Declairation of Independence and those who were the goverment of america after the Revolutionary War.
  • Period: to

    Native Americans

  • Culture Increase

    Culture Increase
    Before the europeans showed in the americas in the 50th cenury the land had many populations of American Indians. These were filled with an extensive past and diverse cultures. This evenually caused the land to be over populated because of the europeans showing up.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Book writen by arthur miller based on the salem witch trials titled "the crucible" . this story shows the idea of what happened and how it ruined one small villlage within little time. it explains how these inosent people were killed because they were accused or wouldnt admit to using witchcraft in their lives.
  • Puritains Claim New England

    Puritains Claim New England
    For the puritains both the physical and spiritual worlds were combined. Money was a sign from above. Spiritual works meant something to the puritain goverment. They were part of the people who sailed in on the Mayflower. The bible provided a model for puritain writing. They saw alike situatins between the bible and themselves. Puritains writings were thought to reflect most of god's work.