Empress Theodora's Life

  • 500

    Theodora's Birth

    Empress Theodora was born in Constantinople on August 9th. She was born into the lowest class of society in The Byzantine empire.Her father was a bear trainer at a local Circus
  • Period: 500 to

    Theodora's Life

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  • 516

    Theodoras Early Life

    At the age of 16, she traveled to northern Africa as the companion of an official. She stayed there for 4 years before returning to Constantinople.
  • 520

    Religous Change

    After her African Trip She stopped by Alexandria, the capital of Egypt and here she converted Monophysitism. This was a kind of Christianity that believed that Jesus Christ was only devine, thathe never was human apposed to Orthodox
  • 522

    Settle Down

    At this time Theodora decide to have a settled down life style and became a wool spinner. She was located in a palace Close to The Emporors Castle. Justinian had seen her beauty before as an actor, but really caught his eye as she started this life style.
  • 525


    Justinian and Theodora get married! There was an early law that forbade higher classes from marrying lower classes, but Justinian Had it changed so he could marry Theodora!
  • 527

    Father's Death

    Justin, the emperor, and Justinian's father died. The couple continued control of the Empire and were crowned Emperor and Empress on 4th April of that same year.
  • The Rest of Her Life

    Throughout the rest of her life, Theodora and Justinian transformed the city of Constantinople, building it into a city that for many years was known as one of the most wonderful cities in the world. They built aqueducts, bridges, and more than 25 churches, the most popular of these being the Hagia Sophia. Theodora helped make laws that let women own and inherit land, and put a death penalty on Woman Abuse.
  • Theodora's Death

    Empress Theodora died on 28th June, 548. Her body was buried in the Church of the Holy Apostle, one of the splendid churches that she and Justinian had built in Constantinople. Beautiful mosaics in Empress Theodora's remembrance are still there today. She had changed women's rights and with her influence, Justinian was able to help bring peace to the two churches.