• **BS in Biology at Amherst College**

  • **MD with an emphasis in Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School**

  • **MD at Saint Sebastian Hospital**

    In LA
    Treated patients suffering from poisonings, genetic disorders, infections, and other pharmacological conditions
    Treated patients in ER, including patients suffering from non-pharmacological conditions
  • **Begins Teaching at John Hopkins Medicaal School**

    Taught academic and clinical classes on the studyof pharmacology and its intersection with other disciplines
  • **Leaves Saint Sebastian Hospital to persure academia**

  • **Starts Gardner Consulting Inc.***

    Cheif Consultant
    Located in Beverly Hills, CA
  • **Leaves teaching at John Hopkins to start consulting firm**

  • **Recives Commitment Award from The Organization for Representation of Indigent Defendants**

  • **Named ACLU Expert of the Year**

  • Joey dies

  • Hired by defense to work on this case