Emmitt James Smith

By pine3rd
  • Emmitt Smith was born

    Emmitt James Smith was born in Pensacola FL.
  • Emmitt Smith became bacame a football player

    Emmitt Smith became a freshman football player.
  • Was drafted to the cowboys

    In 1990 Emmitt was drafted to th coboys.
  • Emmitt got married

    In 2002 Emmitt married Patricia.
  • Records

    Emmitt mayed an all time rushing record.
  • Emmitt was drafted

    Emmitt was drafted to the Arizona Cardinals
  • Retired

    Emmitt retired from the NFL
  • Ring of auner

    Emmitt went to the cowboys ring of auner.
  • dancing with the stars

    emmitt won first place on dancing with the stars.
  • college hall of fame

    emmitt was inducted to college hall of fame.
  • NFL hall of fame

    emmitt was inducted to NFLs hall of fame