Emmett Till

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    Emmett TIll

  • Emmett Tills Birth

    Emmett Tills Birth
    Emmett Louis Till is born
    Born to Mamie Till and Louis Till
    Born on July 25, 1941
    Birth Place Chicago
  • Emmett Till Parents Split.

    Emmett Till Parents Split.
    Louis and Mamie Till seperated, Louis Till was not
  • Louis Till is Drafted

    Louis Till is Drafted
    In the year of 1943 Louis Till is drafted into World War II. At that thime the country needed more strong men and Louis was chosen to serve his country. He felt as if there was nothing holding him there and that there was nothing at home for him because of the seperation of Maime Till the year before.
  • The death of Louis

    The death of Louis
    In the afternoon of march 12 1945 Maime Till is given the word that her ex husband was murdered in Euorope. She was not compleatly filled in with all that had happened. The only thing that she did recieve from him was ring that had his initials ingraved in.
  • Emmett Till leaves

    Emmett Till leaves
    Emmett Till goes onto a train to head for Mississippi to visit family and to stay with them. While he is there his mother hands him the ring that his father left for Maime Till.
  • Emmett Till Arrives in Mississippi

    Emmett Till Arrives in Mississippi
    Emmett Till Arrives at his Great Grandpas House in Money Mississippi.
  • Emmett Goes Shopping

    Emmett Goes Shopping
    This is the day the Emmett went to the store of the Bryant family. He was dared to go flirt with the lady and found himself being escorted out and being in trouble.
  • The murder

    The murder
    "Mr. Bryant and his brothers kidnap Emmett and brutally murder him. They Beat him so much that he is unable to be recognized as a human. They tell the story of how he was brutally murdered for money." but they do not admit to doing it.
  • The arrest

    The arrest
    The Mr. Bryant and his half brother get arrested and they are charged for having kidnaped Emmett Till and charged for murdering him.
  • Maime Till's Grief

    Maime Till's Grief
    Maime Till gets to Illinios Central Terminal to see her childs casket. She opens it and find that he is un able to be recognized as a human. She finds out that her son had been brually murdered.
  • Emmett Till is taken to the church

    Emmett Till is taken to the church
    Maime Till decideds to take the body of Emmett to the Roberts Temp Church of God to have an open casket so that all people may see how he was brutally murdered.
  • Laying in the Ground

    Laying in the Ground
    Emmett till is barried at Burr Oak Cemetary. There are 50,000 people who show up at this event to witness him being put in the ground.
  • The release

    The release
    Both of the Bryants are released from prision becuase they are not accused of murder of kidnapping.
  • Civil Rights Movement Sarts

    Civil Rights Movement Sarts
    Rosa Parks refused to leave a buss on its way to alabama to start to civil rights movement. This would be the start of a
    381 day boycott. An event that many thousnds of people would do as well.
  • The Publishing

    The Publishing
    There was a news article published telling the story of Emmett Tills death. The Bryant family was paid 4,000$ to speak about the sotry and to have it published in the article.
  • What Happened

    What Happened
    There was an article talking about what happened to the Bryant family and how they were being treated to well for the crime that they did. The writer talks about how these murderers should not be treated so nice.
  • Roy Bryant dies

    Roy Bryant dies
    Roy Bryant died of cancer living a well life of peace and tranquility.
  • Maime Till Dies

    Maime Till Dies
    Emmett TIlls mother after a long life of suffering died because of a slow painful death of cnacer.