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Emmeline Pankhurst

  • The woman’s franchise league is created

    The Women's Franchise League was an organization Emmeline Pankhurst alongside her husband Richard Pankhurst founded in 1889. The organization’s biggest achievement was to secure the vote for women in local elections. This was a big accomplishment for gender equality in that it opened up the possibility of woman’s voices to be heard and included.
  • The woman’s franchise league wins the right for married woman to vote

    The woman’s franchise league has a major win when they earn the right for married women to vote in elections for local offices. This win Emmeline worked hard for is one that changed the world of gender equality, if this was not achieved, men would continue to have decision making power alone while woman would have no option to express what they stood for.
  • Emmeline founds The National Woman’s Social and Political Union

    March of 1903 Emmeline founds the National Women’s Social and Political Union in Manchester. The union also formed the saying 'Votes For Women' in 1903. This was a big step in moving woman’s voices forward in advocation for gender equality.
  • A protest for dropping the conciliation bill is initiated by Emmeline

    In November of 1910 Emmeline started a protest for dropping the Conciliation Bill that would of given women the vote. Many woman (over 100) sacrificed for gender equality when they were arrested and charged with various charges for their protest. This helped woman and men to this day to have a voice in the world about these subjects.
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