Ella Enchanted

  • Ella gets enchanted.

    Lucinda the fairy loves to be at births, gatherings, parties, and weddings. She is a misguided fairy that likes to give out "blessings". At birth, Lucinda gives Eleanor "Ella" of Frell the gift of obedience which turns out to be a curse making her obey every command.
  • Ella's mother dies

    Now Ella is 15 and her her mother, Lady Eleanor has fallen ill. Soon after she dies. At the funeral Ella meets Prince "Char" Charmont, son of King Jerrold.
  • Sir Peter, Ella's father, sends her to finishing school.

    Soon after Ella's mother dies she meets the Hattie and Olive, nasty daughters of Dame Olga, a wealthy woman in high class. Hattie an Olive both go to finishing school and Sir Peter sends her with them. Mandy reveals to Ella that she is a fairy and Ella has a drop of fairy blood resulting in "fairy feet". Mandy gives Ella a magic book and a necklace. In the book Ella can read a story, close the book, and another would appear. The necklace was Lady Eleanor's.
  • Ella esacpes from finishing school.

    As soon as Ella gets to finishing school, she reaches the "mean girls", Hattie and her followers. Hattie soon learns of her gift and takes advantage of that. Hattie orders her to break her friendship with her only friend, Areida, who is from a neighbouring country, Ayortha. Ella could not face that so she ran away where she heard her father, Sir Peter would be at a Giant wedding where faries may be present, and decided to travel there, hoping to find Lucinda and ask for the curse to be lifted.
  • Ella is saved by Prince Char.

    Eventually, Ella runs out of food and is hungry and tired. She stole Hattie's wig and traded it for food but it has run out. Then, she gets captured by ogres. Ella is binded and wrapped, fearing that they would use her obedience. She learns of the ogres magic tongue and uses it against them. Prince Char, who had been chasing the ogres, arrives and takes the ogres. A knight and Ella travel further, to the giants. They reach a elf village where Ella is greeted and presented gifts.
  • Ella reaches the Giant wedding.

    After days of traveling she reaches fields where pumpkins were as big as Ella. Finally, she reaches the GIant wedding, just in time. The giant Uaaxee welcomes them greatly. When the wedding takes place, Lucinda emerges and blasses the couple to never be away from each other, but saw the curse as a blessing. Ella asks Lucinda to remove the "blessing" but Lucinda tells her to enjoy her blessing. Mandy realizes that it was just a regular order and removed it once Ella got back to her home.
  • Sir Peter marries Dame Olga to pay off his debts.

    When Ella returns home, Sir Peter tries to find her a rich husband to pay off his debts. Once he realizes he can't, he marries Dame Olga, Hattie and Olive's mother. Lucinda appears again and blesses them to always be in love. Lucinda likes to turn people into squirrels so Mandy bets that Lucinda would try to be a squirrel for a month. Meanwhile Ella and Prince Char explore the basement. Ella finds a pair of glass slippers. Ella finds out Char is going to Ayortha for 6 months.
  • Dame Olga makes Ella a slave in her own house.

    Sir Peter has left again in the trading buisness. Ella is forced to do all the work in her own house, cleaning, cooking, and many other chores. She still writes to Char. In her magic book she finds letters from Dame Olga, Char's journal entries and an entry from her friend Areida. Char declares his love, but Ella believed that that was a joke and feared that her obedience was going to be the end of them. She replied that she is in an relationship and Char is heartbroken.
  • Char is back.

    Char is coming back from Ayortha and his father is hosting three balls in his honor. He will find a wife there. Ella hears of this and calls Lucinda. But Lucinda has abandoned "big magic" and refuses to help, but eventually gives in. In a mixed up version of Cinderella Ella goes to the balls as Lela an anagram of her name. Char is entranced with Lela to Hattie's horror. Hattie pulls off Ella's mask and she runs, leaving behind a slipper.
  • Char searches the nation for "Lela".

    Char is desperately in love with "Lela". He has the missing crystal shoe that is fae size. All the girls are either too small or too large. Eventually he reaches Sir Peter's manor. Ella is shut up in her room and Olive, the nicer sister comes to get her. She fits and Hattie is in rage. Char asks her to marry him and that is an order. Ella says no, surpressing her rage, breaking the curse. Then she says yes and marries him.
  • Char marries Ella and lives happily forever after.

    <3 Happily ever after. Ella and Char get married and Sir Peter continues his trading.