Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton's Life

  • Elizabeth Schuyler Is Born

    Elizabeth Schuyler Is Born
    On August 9, 1757, Elizabeth Schuyler was born. She was the second daughter of Revolutionary War General Philip Schuyler. Eliza mainly grew up in her father's grand mansion in Albany.
  • Elizabeth Meets Alex

    Elizabeth Meets Alex
    Elizabeth met Alexander Hamilton at a party at George Washington's headquarters. They quickly started a courtship that involved writing love letters back and forth to each other very often. They had a very short engagement.
  • Elizabeth Marries Alex

    Elizabeth Marries Alex
    Just months after meeting, Eliza and Alex got married. They were wed in Eliza's father's home after Alexander had gotten his blessing. Eliza was the only one of her five sisters who had gotten her parents permission before getting married.
  • Eliza's First Child

    Eliza's First Child
    Elizabeth gave birth to her first child in 1782. She named her child Philip after her father. Philip grew up and eventually went to Kings College. He was the first of eight children (Philip [1782-1801], Angelica [1784-1857], Alexander [1786-1875], James [1788-1878], John [1792-1882], William [1797-1850], Eliza [1799-1859], Phillip II [1802-1884]).
  • The Reynolds Affair

    The Reynolds Affair
    Alex had an affair on his wife with Maria Reynolds. She was 23 years old and he was 35 years old. Eliza did not find out about the happenings until Alexander published a confession called the Reynolds Pamphlet.
  • Peggy Dies

    Peggy Dies
    Eliza's younger sister, Margarita (Peggy), died at age 42. Peggy had died of an illness that had been affecting her for the worse. Alexander was in Albany on business and happened to be with her when she died. Alex wrote frequent letters to Eliza, relaying the terrible news.
  • Philip Dies

    Philip Dies
    In 1801, Philip Hamilton challenged George Eacker to a duel. Four months before challenging him to a duel, Eacker had given a speech suggesting that Philips father, Alexander Hamilton, had wanted to use the United state's army to intimidate political opponents. Philip was shot and killed in the duel.
  • Alexander Dies

    Alexander Dies
    Eliza's husband, Alexander Hamilton, was in a duel against Aaron Burr. Burr had challenged Hamilton to a duel after multiple public insults made by Hamilton. They dueled in Weehawken near the same place that Philip had dueled years before. Alex was shot in the lower abdomen and died the next day (July 12). Eliza was with him when he died. She was so distraught that her friends feared for her sanity.
  • The Orphanage

    The Orphanage
    Eliza had raised money to open an orphanage for children. In 1806, her dream came true. Eliza, Isabella Graham, and Joanna Bethune opened an orphanage called the Orphan Asylum Society.
  • Angelica Dies

    Angelica Dies
    Angelica Schuyler Church, Eliza's older sister, died at age 58. She was buried in Trinity Church. Following her wishes, she was buried near her sister and brother-in-law.
  • Eliza Moves

    Eliza Moves
    In 1848 Eliza moved to Washington D.C. She moved in with her daughter, Eliza Hamilton Holly, who had been recently widowed.
  • The Washington Monument

    The Washington Monument
    Eliza continued telling George Washington's story by helping raise money for the Washington Monument. In 1848, she attended the ceremony that was held for the monument. At the ceremony, Eliza rode in with President Polk, and multiple future presidents.
  • Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton Dies

    Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton Dies
    On November 9, 1854, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton died at the age of 97. She is buried in Trinity Church near her husband, Alexander.