Nikola tesla


  • 4600 BCE

    First conceptions

    First conceptions
    From Japan to Mesoamerican, the first contact between humanity and the electricity came by the idea of this being a divine mistery. From depictions as the weapon of the powerful zeus/jupiter to bein what came by with the strikes of Mjolnir the hammer of thor.
    Many reigions have their own conceptions on what the Thunder and Lightning meant , in some cases as a tool and in others as a living being and a god.
  • 600 BCE

    The First Researcher

    The First Researcher
    Despite being one of the many topics that was left amazed the many people who saw it throught out the ages.
    Not many studied during ancient times, Thales of Miletus is the first recorded person to ever studied it. He thought that Ambar could get magnetic properties throught friction.
  • 248 BCE

    The First Uses

    The First Uses
    In ancient times despite being label as divine mysteries, there is speculation that our ancestors may had use it for still unknown purposes.
    This idea was born due to archeologist founding the so called "batteries of Bagdad", after been confirmed that this could light weakly a lantern.
  • The Next Step

    The Next Step
    William Gilbert was the one who started the view on electricity as something of science.
    He was one of the first who studied deeply the electromagnetism, thanks to him the term "electricity" was born since it came from the greek word from ambar. His most important work was on this with the book "De magnate"
  • Period: to

    The Age of Discoveries

    Between the late 18th century and the rest of 19th century was the "boom" of the investigation and research of electricity having great advancement between this time thanks to many scientist.
    For example Michael Faraday was one who not only study the phenomena of electromagnetism but also made practical advancement in the creation of technology that ould be used with electricity.
  • The Journey To The Unknown

    The Journey To The Unknown
    After Gilbert's studies many were fascinated with the wonders and mysteries of electricty.
    During this time it was discover the capabilities on how this could be stored and use as energy. But it was thought that this energy only could exist inside laboratories, it wasn't until Benjamin Franklin did his famous experiment that it would be known that lightning was he same kind of energy as electricity and that it could be form in clouds
  • The Man Who Destroyed The Mystery.

    The Man Who Destroyed The Mystery.
    During the 1800's many were the geniuses who wanted to tame the mysteries of the lightning via the use of this new energy in technology.
    The king of inventors, Thomas Alba Edison or even Graham Bell were one of many who sought this.
    Probably the most famous of all was Nikola Tesla, a futurist and inventor who created te alternate current and was rival to Edison.
    A genius who is said to have been planning of making a weapon "strong enough to end all wars" and who was born in a thunderstorm
  • Last Steps

    Last Steps
    Despite the boom of fascination of the last century, many mysteries were left unsolved up to the 1900's were again many discoveries were made.
    Not only of waves but also some big names such as Albert Einstein discovered more things with the passing of time, in this way there were left few or non doubst on how this energy worked.
    Studies such as the photoelectric effect.
  • Modernity

    The advancement and the knowledge we have on electricity just kept growing and growing.
    Nowadays the thing that was label as a divine mystery left only to the gods to used, now is something for the comon folk to use in everyday activities.
    Not only did our knowledge expand to comprehend better how this energy work and it's implications in other phenomena such as Electromagnetism and alsoin the ways we used it,in our phones and our tablets.New ways of producing it have been made such as solar pan
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