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5 Gleason-Electricity Timeline

  • The father of electricity

    The father of electricity
    William Gilbert is the fatheer of electricity and magnetism. He came up with the term 'electricity" from the greek word meaning amber. (England)
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  • Benjamin Franklin and the Kite Exprirement

    Benjamin Franklin and the Kite Exprirement
    In 1752 Benjamin Franklin attached a kite to a silk string and tied a key to it, he tied a metal wire to the key and put the wire into a Leyden jar. When the storm came he attached the metal wire to the key. The charge went through the string to the key and into the jar. After Franklin touched the key and got a shock because the negative charges in the key was attracted to the positive charge in his body.This showed that lightning was static electricy. (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Lightning Rod

    Lightning Rod
    Benjamin Franklin figured out that the electricity in the lightning could be charged over a conductor and into the ground, so he invented the lightning rod and conductor, so the lightning would not be led to hit another part of the earth. The lightning rod saved many houses from being struck by lightning and burning down. (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Guigi Galvani`s experiment

    Guigi Galvani`s experiment
    Guigi Galvani was the one who found that muscles moved because of electricity. He found this by first noticing that a spark was able to move a frog leg, then he did an experiment in a ligtning storm where he attached a frog to a brass hook and that to an iron railing and he saw that the frog moved whenever the lightning struck the brass hook. (Italy)
  • The First battery

    The First battery
    Alessandro Volta invented the first `wet celled battery``. It was made of alternating discs of zinc and copper with pieces of cardboard between the metals, the battery produced an electrical current. It was the first object that produced a reliable, steady current of electricity. (Italy)
  • Electricity and Magnetism

    Electricity and Magnetism
    Hans Christian Oersted discoverd that there was a connection between magnetism and electricity. (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Galvanometer

    John Schweigger invented the galvanometer.This was inspired by the discovery of Hans Oersted. The galvanometer was made to detect electric currents. (Germany)
  • The force of Magnetism and electricity

    The force of Magnetism and electricity
    A French physicist named Andre-Marie-Ampere discoverd that electricity and magnetism can work togother to create a force. He did this by putting two electric cables near each other, wired them up to a power source and then saw that they pushed away from each other. (France)
  • Transformer

    Michael Farady invented an item that could charge the voltage of an electrical current. It was called a transformer. He also invented the first electric motor in 1821. (England)
  • First Fuel Cell Battery

    First Fuel Cell Battery
    William Robert Grove invented the first fuel cell battery. many other inventors made many models of the fuel cell battery that made the invention better and better. (England)
  • Electric telegraph

    Electric telegraph
    Samuel Morse was the man who invented the telegraph. In 1837 he went full on to making the electric telegraph and on 1844 he sent the first message "What had god wroth".
  • Electric light bulb

    Electric light bulb
    Henry Woodward was a Canaadian who invented an electric lightbulb but then sold the patent to Thomas. (Toronto, Canada)
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison was one of the most famous inventors. He invented many things that had to do with electricity like the phonograph in 1877, and the electric lightbulb in 1879. (USA)
  • Electric car heater

    Electric car heater
    In 1882 the Canadian inventor, Thomas Aheran invented the Electric car heater. This was an efficient and simple way to keep cars warm. He also invented the electric cooking range in 1882.
  • Electric Street Car

    Electric Street Car
    John Joseph Wright invented an electric street car in 1883. (Toronto, Canada)
  • Electric Organ

    Electric Organ
    Morse Robb patented the world's frist electric organ. (Belleville, Ontario)
  • Electron Microscope

    Electron Microscope
    It took many people to invent the electron microscope. Eli Franklin Burton, Cecil Hal, James Hiller, Albert Prebus. Electron Microscopes are scientific tools that use a beam of highly energetic electrons to examine objects on a very fine scale. (USA/Canada)
  • Prosthetic hand

    Prosthetic hand
    In 1971 Helmet Lucas invented the prosthetic hand. Prosthetic hands are like a fake hand. It is used to have the looks and function of a hand. Many prosthetics have limited movement, new technology have made it possible to make a prosthetic hand that can of hold objects like pencils and do many things that a normal jand can do. As with all prosthetic limbs, an artificial hand is often made to fit onto the person who is wearing it. (Canada)
  • Blackout

    On August 14, 2003, Canada had the biggest blackout in our nations history (at least for a very long time). At 4 pm the power supply that was used spread across the United States and into parts of Canadawas gone. The blackout affected 50 million people, leaving them without electricity for days. Why this happend is still unknown is still unknown but it is believed that the blackout began with failed transmission lines. (Canada)
  • Mr Andrews class starts Electricity Unit

    Mr Andrews class starts Electricity Unit
    Mr Andrews class eagerly starts a new science unit on electricity. First he teaches them about atoms and the Periodic table and gives them their first assignment which is to make a timeline. (Richmond Hill, Canada)
  • Strmerphub electricity

    Strmerphub electricity
    Everybody is using Stremuphub electricity because it is the most eco friendly source and the most reliable. We no longer need any unreusable sources so our world will last for a much longer time.