Energy: Past - Present - Future (eTwinning Project-2016)

  • 1862 Greece-Use of gas

    1862 Greece-Use of gas
    In Athens there was a small gas network produced from coal (gas) and processing factory was located in Votanikos, in the area now called Gazi. It began operation in 1862 and closed in 1984 because it was old technology and polluted the atmosphere.
  • Greece-The first thermoelectric power station

    The construction of the first thermoelectric power station in Greece started in 1869. That power station was in use till 1982.
  • Greece - The first attempt to use coal

    Greece - The first attempt to use coal
    The first attempt to exploit the deposits of coal in Greece started in 1873. The mining stopped in 1897, after a terrible flood and started again after the first world war.
  • 1875

    POLAND. First generator
  • 1878

    POLAND. First power station
  • 1881

    POLAND. First electrical tram.
  • 1882

    POLAND. First bulb and first electrical engines.
  • 1883

    POLAND.First city power station
  • Greece-Use of electricity for the first time

    Greece-Use of electricity for the first time
    In 1889 electricity was used for the first time in Greece. The first building that was illuminated electrically was the palace (which is now the parliament). Soon the use of electric current spread over the historic centre of Athens.
  • 1890

    POLAND.First electrical lightning in Teatr Wielki, Warsaw.
  • 1893

    POLAND. next city power stations
  • Turkey-Hydro Energy

    Turkey-Hydro Energy
    The first small hydroelectric power plant in Turkey was founded in 1902 in Tarsus. Our country is the first major dam drinking water established in Ankara in 1936 for the needs of the rod-1 dam. The Seyhan Dam Founded in 1956, the first HPP (Hydra Power Plant) bears in the city. 1972 Gökçe rock, Keban in 1975, 1981, Hasan Ugurlu, 1984 Oymapınar, 1987 King, 1988 Altınkaya, 1989, the range in 1992, Atatürk Dam in Turkey are the highlights of large dams.
  • Turkey-Thermal Energy

    Turkey-Thermal Energy
    As electricity production facility in 1914, the first significant Silahtarağa Thermal Power Plant was put into service. February 14, 1914, this facility opened, served until 1983, it has completed its useful life.
  • Greece-The first hydroelectric power station

    Greece-The first hydroelectric power station
    The first hydroelectric power stations were built during the period 1927-1931, but they were very small.
  • 1931 Greece-Use of Windmills

    1931 Greece-Use of Windmills
    After the First World War, experiments were made with windmills had hips airfoil, ie similar to fins air propeller. In 1931 such a wind turbine installed in the Crimea and the generated electric power is channeled to the low voltage part of the local network.
  • 1938

    There were 3198 power stations in Poland.
  • 1945

    1945-1949 – rebuilding Polish electricity
  • Period: to

    Greece - Development of hydroelectric power stations

    During that period the Public Energy Corporation built 8 hydroelectric power stations all over the country, including the hydroelectric power station of the river Louros in Epirus.
  • Greece-Public Power Corporation

    Greece-Public Power Corporation
    The Greek Public Power Corporation was founded in August of 1950.
  • 1950

    1950-1960 – collector stations, thermal-electric power stations, water power stations and industrial power stations.
  • Epirus Greece - The hydroelectric power station of Louros

    Epirus Greece - The hydroelectric power station of Louros
    The hydroelectric power station of the river Louros, about 50 km away from Ioannina, produces 10.5 MW of electric power. It started functioning in 1954.
  • 1961

    1961-1980 – progress of electricity in Poland.
  • Turkey-Geothermal Energy

    Turkey-Geothermal Energy
    In our country, the first wells for geothermal energy was opened in 1963 in Izmir Balcova. 40 m. At 124 ° C the wells in deep water and steam mixture fluid was obtained. In 1965 the first geothermal applications Balikesir Gonen Park Hotel began to be heated using hot water from the source.
    Our country is among the top 10 in the world with 31500 Mwt Like geothermal potential country.
  • 1974 Greece- Solar panels

    1974 Greece- Solar panels
    In Greece the spread of solar devices is very impressive: the first model was launched in 1974
  • Turkey-Naturel Gas

    Turkey-Naturel Gas
    in the early 1970s in Turkey natural gas resource it has been identified in Kırklareli Institutions. This gas has been used in Pınarhisar cement factory in 1976.
  • 1980 Greece-Use of Wind turbines

    1980 Greece-Use of Wind turbines
    In the decade of 1980 but began the systematic exploitation of wind energy using modern wind turbines
  • 1981

    1981-1990 – building the biggest power station in Poland – Bełchatów Power Station.
  • Epirus Greece - The hydroelectric power station of Aoos

    The hydroelectric power plant of Aoos, 45 km away from Ioannina, produces 210MW of electric power. It started functioning in 1990.
  • 1991

    POLAND. 1991-2000 – demand for electricity and recurring lack of electricity in our country.
  • Turkey-BioGas

    Biogas production-related research work has made the most heavily-executed between the years 1980-86 Central Soil Research Institute complainant and obtained several key findings related to biogas production.
  • 1996 Greece-Use of Natural gas

    1996 Greece-Use of Natural gas
    Natural gas was first introduced in 1996, and renewable energy sources, excluding large hydro, began to represent a major source for power generation since the late 90s.
  • Turkey- Windmills

    Turkey- Windmills
    First, since its construction in 1998 was 8.7 MW wind farms in total
  • 2000

    POLAND. 2000 – now – renewable energy sources, eg.: wind, geothermal, solar energy.
  • Turkey-Solar Energy

    Turkey-Solar Energy
    Since 1992, IRA and DMI , the value of solar energy. Since 2008 the local industiries start to use Solar power for their energy consumptions.