Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Eleanor Roosevelt was born

    Eleanor was born in a fine townhouse in Manhattan. From the first time people notice she seem an unattractive child.
  • Period: to

    Elliot Bulloch Roosevelt

    Her first bother was borned and died of diphtheria.
  • Her father left

    He went to live in a sanitarium in Virginia because of his alcoholic problems.
  • Period: to

    Father letters

    Since her father was left he sent letters to her very often, in the ones he said to be brave, to become well educated and to growp up into a woman he could be proud of, a women who helped people that were suffering.
  • Gracie Hall Roosevelt

    Eleanor´s little brother was born.
  • Her mother illness

    Her mother became ill with painful hedaches.
  • Mother dead

    When Eleanor was eight, her mother, Anna, died. She and Hall, her brother were taken to live with her grandmother in Manhattan
  • Father death

    Her father died.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Her uncle Theodore became president of the United States
  • Period: to

    First lady

    Eleanor Roosevelt became the first lady of the United States and the one of America`s greatest women during this years.
  • Declaration of Human Rights

    Mrs.Roosevelt helped draft the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Franklin Roosevelts was dead

    A phone call telling Eleanor the news that Franklin who had gone to Warm Springs, Georgia, for a rest, was dead.
  • Truman´s invitation

    Truman invited her to be the American delegates going to London to begin the work of the United Nations. She hesistated but at the end she agreed.
  • Declaration of Human Rights

    With the Soviet Union and it allies refusing to vote, the Declaration of Human Rights won approval of the UN general.
  • Retiring from her post at the UN

    Even after her retired, she continue to travel, where she visit presidents and kings but she also visit poor people. Everywere she met people was eager with her.
  • Withdraw some activites

    Gradually,however, she was forced to retire from some of her activites, to spend more time at home.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt

    At the age of seventy-eight, Eleanor died in her sleep. She was buried In the rose garden at Hydye Park, alongside her husband.
    United Nations remembered her as the "first lady of the world", the male-female most effective in working for the cause of human rights.