Eighteenth Century Economy and Society

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  • Music

    At this time, individuals became more into the creation of music. This is where influencers in music such as Bach and Handel came into society. This is because of the advancement into the Baroque period. Later on there was the addition of Mozart and Haydn with the Classical period of music. This was over the entirety of Eighteenth Century.
  • The Act of Union

    The Act of Union
    The Act of Union was the union of Scottish and British Parliaments which created the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Merging these countries allowed for these countries to work as one and not as two different individuals. The two countries were then united and could come together and had allies when it came to different topics and wars. They could come to the other and get perspective on what was needed to be done and get assistance in times of need.
  • First copyright legislation

    First copyright legislation
    The first copyright legislation was created by the British and was done to the Statute of Anne. This allowed for courts to regulate what could be made in a same fashion until after the fourteen years of its pass by the courts. This now allows for people to have ideas and not have to worry about having them stolen before they can make a final product that they would like to display. People now can come up with ideas and receive a patent to have time to figure out what needs to happen.
  • Tulip Period of the Ottoman Empire

    Tulip Period of the Ottoman Empire
    This was from 1718 to 1730 where the Ottomans were peaceful. They had no conflicts and the people had some of the most peaceful times of their nation. The Ottomans had been at war for much time and now were not in times of argument or war. This is now seen with Switzerland. They were the Switzerland of this time.
  • Irish Great Famine and Freeze

    Irish Great Famine and Freeze
    The Irish population were starving and 20% of the population died from lack of substance. This was because of the benign winters that the Irish people had been going through at this time. There was a shortage of milk, a lack of oats, frosted potatoes, and a lack of hope for a better life. People were not able to feed themselves with the crops that they had let alone try to make a profit to be able to provide better for themselves. This is was repeated in the famine in the 19th Century.
  • Plague Riots in Moscow

    Plague Riots in Moscow
    Moscow had plagues that became a huge problem for the people with many dying. Quarantines were instituted for the first time and the destruction of contaminated properties. People that were well-off left Moscow to find a place that was not contaminated. Mass protests were started to try stop from having to separate from their families and friends in quarantine because they wanted to start an uprising to stop this. This teaches that we need quarantines and not to panic during crisis events.
  • Pugachev's Rebellion

    Pugachev's Rebellion
    This was the largest peasants revolt to ever occur in Russian history. This was because of the large amounts of peasant unrest that had been occurring because of the climate of Russian society and the recent problems with the Ottoman Empire. This caused for the peasants to want for change in their government. They did not want to be apart of what they were seeing. This has happened again and again in history when people see something wrong in their societies.
  • Revolt in the Vendée

    Revolt in the Vendée
    There was a revolt against the French Republic during the Revolution. This was a counter revolution against the royal and Catholic Army. This caused for there to be tens of thousands of deaths on all sides. The people did not like the government and wanted to change it. This caused a massacre of thousands and should never have happened. This was one of the first times that we see a mass genocide of a people no matter what they believe. Anyone in the Vendée (women specifically) were targets.
  • Smallpox Vaccine

    Smallpox Vaccine
    Edward Jenner administered the first smallpox vaccine which helped to prevent death of millions. Smallpox had already killed more than 400,000 people in Europe alone and people were scared. Smallpox was an epidemic which led to many wanting to find a way to prevent it. He was the first one to be successful with an inoculation which allowed for smallpox to be essentially eradicated.
  • Irish Rebellion

    Irish Rebellion
    The people in Ireland wanted for there to be a change in government from the rule that the British had over them. They failed in this rebellion which tried to remove the British from their role of power. The Irish still were under command from the British. The Irish may have lost, but this sparked their urge for freedom that caused for them to eventually gain the freedom they strived for. They were only a little early.