Educraft SMP History

  • Server Creation

    Server Creation
    Educraft SMP was officially founded.
  • Period: to

    Humble Beginnings

    The server was peaceful, people played on the server to aquire tools and gears. No wars or any sorts of battles took place, just players attempting to advance further in the game. Many feats were a result of this age such as travelling to the nether, the first ever mob farm, and more.
  • Dawn of Factions

    The two first factions were founded, Sun Boys United and Glorious Potatoes.
  • Downfall of Glorious Potatoes

    Sadly, Sun Boys United had taken control of their nation. Their leader was forced to surrender, although they soon later revealed that the surrender was fake, their nation already went downhill from there.
  • Sun Boys United becomes the most powerful nation.

    As they overtook the Glorious Potatoes, their faction grew to be the most powerful.
  • Construction of the Yoda Statue

    The Yoda statue was constructed.
  • Sun Boys United changes it's name to the Scorch Empire

    It's pretty self explanatory.
  • Period: to

    The hunt for Pablo

    War was waged against a singular person called Pablo. The leader of Sun Boys United (now called the scorch empire) Agreed with Pablo to fight on a Sunday. But, Pablo chickened out and refused the battle.
  • Period: to

    Double Agent Chaos

    Fishtopia's own members backstab the faction in order to be double agents for Sun Boys United.
  • Period: to

    The Merge for Peace

    The Scorch Empire decides to merge with Fishtopia in order for peace. As they were all united under the same banner.
  • Mr Floppa is created

    The faction Mr Floppa is created. A pretty weird name if you ask me.
  • The downfall of Fishtopia

    Fishtopia's leader abandons his own faction in order to join Mr Floppa. As most of Fishtopia's members had already turned.
  • The Emperor's Departure

    The Emperor (PollenX aka Tinkered) left the empire in order to join Anarchists Incorporated. Pablo becomes the new emperor in his place.
  • Floppalore is founded

    A new faction, Floppalore is created in the name of peace. And 2 factions (Anarchists Inc and Galactic Empire aka Scorch Empire) merge with the faction.
  • Floppalore Election

    Floppalore held an election choosing 3 members to be in a council that controls the faction.
  • The appearence of the MLS (Massive Lava Structure)

    Mysteriously, an unknown user built a massive platform at spawn and filled it with lava. The exact creation date of this structure is unknown,
  • The Floppalore Revolution

    A member of Floppalore by the name of Splonge formed a revolution against the faction. It "ended" with him being put in prison, but apparently wasn't. So I guess it's still a thing. Also, just to clarify, the date is the beginning of the floppalore revolution.
  • The Industrial Age

    No other factions are present besides Floppalore, the faction was expanding and there were more people joining. People began to build more complex machinery such as farms or redstone. People also became more ambitious, this lead to the beginning of the industrial age.
  • Floppalore Civil War

    A member by the name of Splonge had caused the Floppalore revolution which has already been documented before. But soon the revolution rose to power and took over the server with the help of Tinkered who was blackmailed of his stuff to do it. He began changing pretty much every aspect of the Floppalore faction, but just as he thought he had won. Tinkered decided to take revenge and caused his fall, bringing the faction back to it's former glory.
  • The Gold Rush

    As Tinkered, the new prime minister of Floppalore had created a system where gold was the currency. Everyone began rushing to get gold, thus causing the gold rush.
  • The "disbandenment" of Floppalore

    The prime minister, Tinkered gets enough of the council's behaviour. As a result, the faction is disbanded after an arguement.