By k_ritt
  • 1960Initiates the history of eCommerce

    Allows companies to caryy out electronic transactions
  • Michael Aldrich

    Invented online shopping
  • Thomson Holidays

    Submits the first ever B2B electronic transaction using online technology
  • Frnace Telecom invents Minitel

    it is consdiered to be the most successful pre-World Wide Web online services
  • Nissan UK

    Begin to sell cars and finance with credit checking to customers online from delaer lots
  • Google

    -Pay Pal launches pay service
    -Google debuts on eCommerce
  • .COM

    dot-com investment bust
  • Itunes

    Apple launches ITunes store
  • PCI Data

    Credit cards comapnies create PCI data security satnards
  • Magento Mobile

    Is releases and allows store owners to create native mobile storefront apps