Earth's Place in the Universe

By amj67
  • The Big bsng

    The Big bsng
    began between 13 and 14 billion years ago
  • Dust and Gases collect

    Dust and Gases collect
    he temperature of the expanding universe cooled to approximately 10 billion degrees
  • Quasars form

    Quasars form
    Quasars form in the erly ages of the galaxy formation
  • Active Galaxies form

    Active Galaxies form
  • Glaxies evolve and move apart

    Glaxies evolve and move apart
    enormous clouds that eventually collasped to become glaxies and clusters of galaxies
  • Local Group

    Local Group
  • Milky way forms

    Milky way forms
  • Sun / Milky way

    Sun / Milky way