Earth's History in a Day

  • 12:00am

    Earth is formed after the "Big Bang".
  • 4:00am

    Single celled organisms are formed. They are the first form of life on Earth.
  • 8:30pm

    Microbes begin to form on Earth.
  • 9:00pm

    First sea plants and jelly fish are formed soon after the rise of microbes.
  • 10:00pm

    Land plants finally form. They will provide the clean air needed for humans to live. Land creatures begin to form a little bit later.
  • 10:24

    Forests with coal and winged insects are formed.
  • 11:00pm

    The first dinosaurs begin to roam the Earth.
  • 11:58

    Humans finally pop up on Earth. A single life time is like a blink of an eye in a one day period.