Earth Timeline

  • Precambrian Time

    Litlle is known about precambrian most of the rocks or fossils are gone. They have all been eroded away, subducted, or metamorphasized. The Precambrian time is during the Haden, Archean, and Proterozoic Eons.This was 4,560 million years ago.
  • Phanerozoic Eon

    When the Proterozoic Eon ended the Phanerozoic Eon began. This also marks the end of Precambrian time. This started 542 million years ago.
  • Paleozoic Era

    The Paleozoic Era was the first era in the Phanerozoic Eon.
  • Ordovician Period

    During the Ordovician Period the first land plants evolved on Earth. This started 488 million years ago.
  • Silurian Period

    444 million years ago The Silurian Period began. During this time most of North America was a shallow sea.
  • Devonian Period

    416 million years ago was the beggining of the Devonian Period. During this time a supercontinent of Laurasia formed.
  • Carboniferous Period

    The next period was the carboniferous period. Reptiles evolved on Earth during this time.
  • Permian Period

    299 million years ago was the start of the last period in the Paleozoic Era. This period was the Permian Period. During this time Pangaea formed. The end of this period however ended with a great extinction. One hypothesis is that volcanic eruptions led to climate change. Another is climate change due to an asteriod impact in Antarctica.
  • Mesozoic Era

    251 million years ago the Mesozoic Era began. This is the second era in the Phanerozoic Eon.
  • Triassic Period

    The Triassic Period is the first of the Mesozoic Era. It began 251 million years ago. During this time the continents begin to split. Plants called gymnosperms evolve that can go in dry areas. Also Dinosaurs and mammals evolved.
  • Jurassic Period

    200 million years ago the Jurassic Period began. Itchyosaurs and Plesiosuars were dinosaurs that evolved during this period. They adapted to ocean life but still breathed using lungs.
  • Cretaceous Period

    145 million years ago marks the last period of the Mesozoic Era. During this time the grest dinosaur extinction occured. This happened in Theory because a meteroite collided with earth. Large amounts of dust blocked out the sun, this caused plants to die. When plants died, the plant eaters died. Then, with no food left for meat eaters, they died off as well.
  • Cenozoic Era

    65 million years ago a new era began. This era is the Cenozoic Era. They call this era the "age of mammals". This is the Era that we as humans live in.
  • Tertiary Period

    The Tertiary Period began 65 million years ago. During this time mountain building happened. Grasses also developed rapidly.
  • Quaternary Period

    1.8 million years ago is When this period began began. This is the current period that we live in. Many large mammals evolved.