Earth&Space Science

Timeline created by hugo tulus
  • -45 BCE

    Planetary Accretion

    Scale: 10 years = 1 billion years
    4.6 billion years ago our solar system was a large body of gasses that were scattered around. At around this time planet Earth was also forming.
  • -44 BCE

    Formation of the Moon

    Scale: 10 years = 1 billion years
    The concept is very controversial, many studies say that the moon was formed around 50-200 million years after the earth was formed. Some say that it was a large planet that hit the earth at high speeds and the debris then clumped together to form the moon, this would explain the large craters scattered across the surface of the moon.
  • -38 BCE

    End of Heavy Bombardment

    Scale: 10 years = 1 billion years
    Late heavy bombardment is said to have started at around 4.1 billion years ago and ended at around 3.8 billion years ago. This was a time when a large amount of asteroids were hitting the inner 4 planets
  • -37 BCE

    Core formation

    Scale: 10years = 1 billion years
    The crust of the earth started forming at 3.7 billion years ago, which technically started the core?
  • Period:
    -45 BCE
    -35 BCE

    Planetary Cooling

    Scale: 10years = 1 billion years