Earth 2100 Allie Kvasnicka and Michelle Leon

  • Lucy is born in New York City

    Lucy is born in New York City
  • Good old days

    Good old days
    When there were enough money, resources and food for everyone in the world.
  • Summer of the Dragonflies

    Summer of the Dragonflies
    signs of climate change. species changing, migration patterns changing. the dragonflies are supposed to be in Cuba but they are in Miami
  • Gas Prices go up

    Gas Prices go up
    Running out of oil, gas prices have tripeld
  • Lucy moved

    Lucy moved
    she moved from the subers to the city.There are more jobs,dont need cars,live on the top of a buildind.Moved to Miami
  • High temperatures and no gas

    High temperatures and no gas
    there are triple digit temperatures and because of the major gas shortage so they start burning coal.
  • Hot and ocean is an bad shape

    Hot and ocean is an bad shape
  • Huge storm

    Huge storm
    Their was a huge storm in Miami and peple could die. categroy five.
  • Storm Aftermath

    Storm Aftermath
    The storm is over and there is alot of damage and some people have died
  • In storm center

    In storm center
    A lot of people in the Storm center were their for over 4-weeks.
  • Wake up call

    Wake up call
    Bad things start to happen, and there is a big storm headed for Miami.
  • Lucy is 20 years

    Lucy is  20 years
    Lucy works as an EMT. There are high prices, and there is not alot of gas left
  • Desalination plants

    Desalination plants
    It turned Saltater to Fresh water.
    Lucy fell in love with Josh.They got married and had a daughter named Molly
  • Mexican Border Call

    Mexican Border Call
    People tried to cross from Mexico into the United States. The police started shooting into the crowd and people got hurt so EMT was called down. Thankfully Josh saved Lucy.
  • Sea Barriers

    Sea Barriers
    Josh is offered a job to bulid sea barriers to keep new york city protected from the rising waters
  • Parents sick and Moving again

    Parents sick and Moving again
    Lucy's parents are sick because virus's have gotten worse and have mutated. Symptoms were cough, blisters, and high fever. sadly her parents died. Josh, Molly, and Lucy decide to move back to Mew York City. While driving they notice many differences in the landscape such as lake mead being dried up and lots of bugs eating all of the crops.
  • Sea Barrier almost done.

    Sea Barrier almost done.
    After 30 years of buling the barriers its almost done and they are going to test the gates.
  • Josh died a hero.

    Josh died a hero.
    A big storm comes and they try to close the barriers but one gets stuck and Josh has to close it manually and he sadly dies.
  • New York City Flooded

    New York City Flooded
    The city was flooded. Everything was covered in water.
  • Caspian Fever spreads

    Caspian Fever spreads
    The virus, caspian fever, is spreading to other countries. Thankfully Lucy is immune and cannot contract the disease.
  • Lucy travels to find her family

    Lucy travels to find her family
    Lucy goes into Canada to find her daughter and her family. She finds her daughter, Molly, grandson, Daniel, and she also gets a dog Rosie. Although sadly Lucy's son-in-law, George, has died.