Early years

  • Early Years

    Early Years
    Andrea is 3 years and 3 months now. She weights about 30 pounds and is 35 inches tall. her memory is improving and that helps her with her cognituve development, which is important to help her to, concentrate and pay attention to learn the basics to get her ready for pre-kindergarten.
  • Three years and seven months

    Three years and seven months
    Andrea likes to socialize when she goes to the park, and sometimes she likes to talk to her self. she knows how to count to 20 and likes to play puzzles. Her vocabulary is extense, she can communicate her needs.
  • Three years and ten months

    Three years and ten months
    At this age Andrea lokes to be independent, and she is always trying to do things on her own, but if she needs help she always asks an adult, for example when she needs to go potty and the light is off, or when she needs to tied her shoe. She likes to plsy in the home living and pretend to be a teacher.
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    Early years

  • Four years and three months

    Four years and three months
    Andrea is now four years old, and she likes to play with her new friends in her pre-kindergarten class, she likes to read all the time and she is starting to write a few words if she looks at the word at first and then she tries to copy the work, she also likes to draw lots of pictures and writing as well, she enjoys playing outdoors, and ride her bike with two wheels now.