Early Man

By vdiddy
  • Australopithecus afarensis

    Australopithecus afarensis
    Australopitchecus afarensis (southern ape) originated around 3.9 million B.C. to 2.9 million B.C., and lived in what is now called Africa. A. afarensis was about 3 feet tall, bipedal, and had a small brain relative to a modern human. Their brain was too small to make tools, but they could use their hands to carry objects such as food, water, and babies.
  • Homo habilis

    Homo habilis
    Homo habilis (handy man) lived approximately 2.5 million B.C. to 1.4 million B.C. and originated in Africa. They were the first true humans (first in the genus Homo). H. habilis was approximately four feet tall, and had a larger brain than Australopitchecus. Homo habilis stands for "handy man", because they first hominids to create tools, such as stone engravers and cutting tools. They used the tools to make traps and crack bones, which gave them more food.
  • Homo erectus

    Homo erectus
    Homo erectus (upright man) lived about 1.5 million B.C., and have been found in Africa, Europe, and Asia. They were about 5 feet tall, and have human-like features with strong bones. H. erectus used tools such as fire, spears, spear-throwers, and also built oval huts. They were the first hunters and made more complex tools than Homo habilis.
  • Homo sapiens neaderthalensis

    Homo sapiens neaderthalensis
    Homo sapiens neanderthalensis lived from 500,000 BC to 30,000 BC in Africa, the Near East, Europe, and Asia. Neanderthals were over 5 feet tall, very very strong, and had a low forehead. Their tools were knives, scrapers, and spear points. Neanderthals buried their dead with ceremony, fished and hunted, were able to make fire, and cared for their sick.
  • Homo sapiens sapiens

    Homo sapiens sapiens
    Homo sapiens sapiens (wise man) lived from 200,000 BC until the present day, with fossils found on all continents except Antarctica. They were about 6 feet tall and looked like modern humans. Their tools included bows and arrows, hooks for fishing, sewing tools, etc. Homo sapiens sapiens were better hunters than other Homo species, built better shelters, painted in caves, and made musical instruments. This allowed them become the most successul hominds.