Early Explores

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  • 1090

    Vasco Nunez de Balboa sailed for Spain

    He travels throught central America and is the 1st Eurpean to see the Pacific Ocean (largest ocean)
  • 1450

    John Cabot

    John Cabot
  • 1485

    Giovanni de Varrazano

    Giovanni de Varrazano
  • 1491

    Jacques Cartier

    Jacques Cartier
  • 1499

    Amerigo Vespucci- Sailed for Spain

    Sailed along the coast of S. Amerirac. He took sunch good notes about the coast that mapmakers were convinced this was not Asia and named the new land "America" in his honor
  • 1513

    Juan Ponce de Leon - Sailed for Spain

    He went looking for the Fountain of Youth in modern day in Florida.
  • 1519

    Hendo Corle-Sailed for Spain

    went to Central America (modern day Mexico) and conqured the Azerc
  • 1520

    Ferdinard Magellan sailed for Spain

    He circumnavigated the globe. It took under 3 years to do.
  • 1528

    Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Veca

    He looked for the city of gold
  • 1532

    Franciso Pizzaro- Sailed for Spain

    He went to South America and coqured the Inca Empire
  • 1540

    Franciso Vasquez de Corondo

    He discovered the Grand Canyon
  • 1542

    Juan Cabriol Sailed for Spain

    He explores up from Mexico and goes into modern day Caflorian
  • Pedro Alavers Carbral sailed for Portugal

    On his way around Afica he went wide and ended up in Brazil, South Amercian