Early Childhood

  • Motor Skills

    5 year old stopping running and turning to play soccerAt age 3 kids are able to up to 24 inches and by age 5 they are able to jump up to 36 feet. Three year olds have trouble stopping or turning when they need to but once they hit age 5 they can stop, start and turn around.
  • Fine Motor Skills

    3 year old fine motor skillsAt the age of 3 children are able to copy simply shapes, cut paper, and solve simple puzzles. At the age of 5 they improve by being able to shape things with clay, fold paper, and copy short words.
  • Toilet Training

    Toilet Training readinessMost children aren't ready to be toilet trained until they are around 30 months old, and as of late most children haven't been fully trained until 4 or 5.
  • Handedness

    HandednessAt the age of 7 months babies start showing their preference in which hand they are going to use. By the age of 5 the child will show their dominate hand.
  • Pictorial Stage

    5 Year old drawing a butterflyAt age 4/5 children begin to draw hings that are more along the lines of realistic. The objects are more accurate and understandable.