earley humans

  • Austropthesis Afrensis

    Austropthesis Afrensis
    The first hominid people were called Australopithecus. One example of this species is named “ Lucy .” They lived 3 to 4 million years ago. They were located in Africa. Also they were 3 feet tall. They had large ridges in their backs. Also archeologist found no tools with their kind.
  • homo habillis

    homo habillis
    The second hominid people were homo habillis, they lived 2 million to 5,ooo years ago. They too lived in Africa. They were 5 feet tall. Some archeologist found spears and scrapers. They also had large ridges in they back. Still today we have a lot more questions.
  • homo erctus

    homo erctus
    The third hominid human like person is homo eructus 1and a half million years ago, They were located in southern coast of Asia! They were around 5 feet tall. Some also found spears ans scrapers
  • homo sepians

    homo sepians
    the forth homind human was homo sepians, they walked on earth 50,00 years ago.They were located in Africa and est. eroup! Homo sepians were around 5 to 6 feet tall. Artiogolist found kinves and scrapers. Also a cool thing about homo sepians is that they stud up straight and had thick bones.
  • homo sepian sepian

    homo sepian sepian
    Last but not least is homo sepian sepian. Homo sepian sepian were here about 35,000 to 12,000 years ago. They were found in eroup, they had large brains and large teeth. We know today so many intersecting facts about the early man.