dylasche's TMTT

  • Sequence 1

    Sequence 1
    Benno & his family lived happily, until Hitler was elected president and made life tough to get through.
  • Sequence 2

    Sequence 2
    Heinz and Benno have left Berlin and got on their proper train and were headed for Holland. But the guards don’t let them trough because they don’t have the proper papers, so they are now headed for Nijmegen.
  • Sequence 3

    Sequence 3
    Heinz & Benno are now in Holland, and now in a convent run by Nun’s.
  • Sequence 4

    Sequence 4
    Heinz is married, both Heinz & Benno have jobs & they have a home. Now they just have to make it to their family over seas.
  • Sequence 5

    Sequence 5
    Now Benno is married to a woman named Rita, and they have a child together. He has made it to safety in Canada, or so he thinks.