duncan jillian jake taste of black berrys

By 5poster
  • blackberry patch

    jamie and narator enter blackberry patch and here people talking about them.
  • Period: to

    taste of black berrys

  • apple farm

    jamie runs on a farm to get apples but an old farmer dude came out of his house with a shotgun and scared the narator but jamie did not know that the old farmer dude had a gun.
  • jamie gets stung

    jamie gets stung when he is in mrs.mullins yard getting japinese beetels of her bushes.
  • Funural

    narators friend jamie died when he was trying to earn money.
  • Mrs. Mullins house

    The Narrator goes to Mrs. Mullins and he thinks.
  • Narator Picks Blackberrys

    narator picks blackberrys for jamies mom and she makes pie.